Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Divine Favor: Visions of Judgement

Hey, good lookin.
So being a servant of a God of Information and messages, I thought of a slightly different offensive ability, which I think, flavor-wise actually exists in the vanilla Magic book somewhere, but oh well. I thoughts to myself, what if we can scare someone by showing them visions of the afterlife they are doomed to live? That might terrify them into a great stupor. Let's see what something like that might look like:

So this is basically Terror limited to the wicked and living. Altogether this comes out to something like this:

Be Good for Goodness Sake

Learned Prerequisite: Divine Favor 11
Learned Prayer Cost: 15 points
Reach out and touch the wicked, if you win a contest of will versus the enemy will at -4, they will roll on the fright check table adding your margin of success plus 1.
Statistics: Terror 5(+25%) (Accessibility, Target must be an enemy of the faith and capable of dying -30%; Divine, -10%; Requires Will Roll, -5%; Malediction, +100%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%) [75]

Other Thoughts

This might be a slightly expensive ability. A cheaper version that requires only a contest of will versus will-1 and is still in the right threshold for a pretty miracle-like effect would come out to 38 points, learned prayer cost of 8 points, and Divine Favor 8 as a prerequisite. It might make sense to let someone call that the basic version of the prayer, and the one I wrote above can be the improved version. I'm not sure if the malediction enhancement would work that way on Terror, but I like it, and I think the cost penalty makes it ok.

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