Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections


New Blogs

We have new blogs this week! We start off with looking at dice and lives. This blog is super heavy on the details for a vampire focused campaign that is currently in preparation mode. It looks like something I'll need to take a closer look at to give it a fair assessment, but the kinda information we have here looks like the kinda stuff I like to read. Castalia House also had a post for the first time in a really long while. I just remember them saying nice things about the monsters I was churning out a few months back, so they were already on my radar.

The blogs

What interesting stuff is going on? I like the interlude post from further up the spire. A very detailed recap on a different type of game. Just Roll 3d6's post on fatigue is a pretty useful fundamental post with some good rules to consider. Castalia House posted some interesting comments by David Pulver, author of many GURPS resources. I enjoy the world building in this post from Worlds Beyond Earth. It's really thoughtful and makes me think on what I should include when trying to come up with a setting.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

Discworld! I've read Discworld since the 90s, nearly 15 years before learning about GURPS. I'm excited about this, and there are no words to convey how monumental of a thing this is to me.
Last month, traffic just reached over 10,000 hits. The blog is slowly and steadily going up. I was worried that I was going to have a month, for the first time, that didn't have more traffic than the previous because of a big slump, but traffic just skyrocketed at the end. Neato. 
My most popular posts are this one about good training wheel type limitations to put on an advantage if you want it now but can't foot the bill all at once, my review of GURPS Magic, and my review of Magical Styles. My nigh two month old post on HT versus HP is still clinging to the list, and my unscientific comparison of melee weapons from about a month ago is still up there as well. Comments are keeping pace with posts, and I appreciate every one of them. Lately I haven't been responding to as many because I feel like I have nothing useful to contribute to a conversation, but I hope no one thinks I'm sitting in my ivory tower of tens of likes and +1s ignoring people now that I have breached the 5 figure visits a month club.


  1. Your Worlds Beyond Earth link is a repeat of the Castalia one.


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