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Boardroom and Curia: The Order of the Fly

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Kinda trying to do something different, I decided to attempt to stat out an organization according to the rules laid out in Boardrooms and Curia. So, not having any especially good ideas, I turn to the Ars Goetia for inspiration, and decide to use some of its metrics to try and determine the attributes of Baal and his "66 legions." Let's see how that goes.


Baal is a prince, and he leads 66 legions. He is not just a prince, he is one of the 7 princes of hell. So the rank and status can get pretty high, Taking it to be a conservative 1,000 per legion, he commands 66,000. If we borrow the Roman nomenclatures, a legion is split into 10 cohorts, further split into 10 Conturbia. So borrowing the terms from Dungeon Fantasy 17, and supposing that this is an elite military force, looking at page 29, we are looking at the titles for Noble Court, meaning that this organization ranges from status 2 to status 6... maybe even 7 if you consider the 7 princes to be secondary to only the total ruler of hell... but I'll say 2 to 6. So we have in membership:
  • 1 rank 6 prince
  • 66 rank 5 senators
  • 660 rank 4 legionnaires
  • 6,600 rank 3 decannus
  • 58,674 rank 2 soldiers
66,001 men, ranging from wealthy to multimillionaire in terms of GURPS wealth levels... if money counted for anything in hell.
In terms of mission statement, Baal is oftentimes conflated with Beelzebub, and myself not being a biblical scholar nor a demonologist, will borrow that conflation, and base it on the association with the sin of envy. Their mission, being an army of sorts might be, "To have our enemies defeat themselves by driving them mad with envy."
The age of the books I am using seem to be around Tech level 4, but probably a divergent tech as well.


In any case, I think I have enough numbers to put together a stat block now.

The Order of the Fly

Mission Statement: The Order of the Fly is the elite military force of hell. It aims to defeat its enemies through sheer military superiority and psychological warfare.


TL: 4^
Members: 66,001
Wealth: Wealthy
Contacts: Knowledge Skills-18[18] Military Skills-15[18]
Member Traits: Common Sense[10], Intuition[15], Invisibility (Switchable, +10%)[44]
Notable Resources: The legions of The Order of the Fly have a very advanced travel infrastructure able to travel anywhere on Earth as fast as they need. Their palace headquarters are decadent.
Reaction Time Modifier: +4

Costs and Values

Startup Costs: $6,494,498,400
Resource Value: $32,472,492
Patron Value: 63 points
Enemy Value: -40 points
Ally and Dependent Value: The Order of the Fly can offer elites in terms of either smarts or military prowess, but not in large groups. A single Ally worth 100% to 150% of the starting campaign points is possible, a dependent doesn't make sense at those point values.

Social Attributes

Type: Government, Military, Religious
CR: 4
Loyalty: Neutral(10) [I like the idea of them being extremely disciplined, but also above doing damage to the organization for their own self interests.]
Rank: Infernal 2-6 [5/level]
Income Range: $1,600 (Comfortable) to $800,000 (Multimillionaire 1)
Reputation: -4 (To devout and holy beings, all the time), +1 (To people that are afraid of them, some of the time.)

Other Thoughts

That was a fun exercise and it wasn't that hard. I already see ways I can do it better next time, and I see how having these stats in front of me might be helpful. Maybe I should try this again some time for another organization. The difficult part is figuring out the ranks, number of members, and the wealth level, but everything else feels pretty easy to calculate from there.

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