Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Treasure: Bombardment Bow

This was a super hard to find picture.
Thinking about my customization options post I made a bit ago about turning modifications into Cost factors for weapons, I decided to make a bow that shoots in a high overhead arc. Let's see how this comes out.


This bow is a bow that is enhanced to shoot overhead, with the limitation it can only work outdoors, and then the enhancement that it is selective; it can still be fired like normal. Only outdoors is a small limitation for a weapon that is often used in wide open spaces, so that is about -20% off of the +30% enhancement, making it +24%, selectivity adds another +10%. Altogether, this is +34%, and using my formula from this post, that makes a cost modifier of +3.4CF. I also add the modifier for fine and elven. This Fine Elven Bombardment Bow is now $4,680.

3*Fine Elven Bombardment Bowthr+2 imp3x18/x243/0.111(2)$4,68011†-8

Other Thoughts

The one special ability seems pretty expensive in my opinion, but it is special, so maybe the fact that it is expensive just goes to show how special it is. I might consider cutting my Cost Factors in half.

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