Monday, September 26, 2016

Boardroom and Curia: Enchantment Factory

They didn't have colors back then,
that's why this is drawn in black and
Working on more stats for a setting, so today, I'll stat out a generic factory for enchantment, with about 800 employees. Assuming this is a normal mana environment in a setting where magic is not unusual. Let's see what that might look like.

The Metrics

From a rough cursory googling, it was not unusual for factories to employ several hundreds, with many employees well underpaid and way overworked. I'll choose the funny round number of 800 employees, and consider the organization to not have a high average wealth.

MagiTek Factory

Mission Statement: The purpose of this factory is to provide consumers with the best product for the best value. Using advanced technologicial know-how, we deliver product at unbelievable prices.


TL: 5+2Members: 800
Wealth: Struggling
Contacts:Enchantment-15[10], Business-18[3]
Member Traits:Magery 1[15]
Notable Resources:The facility is unremarkable as factories go, but includes dormitories for workers without families on the premises. Distribution facilities include standard taps into teleportation networks with up to date licenses.
Reaction Time Modifier:+0

Costs and Values

Startup Cost: $6,494,400Resource Value: $32,472
Patron Value: 10Enemy Value: -20
Ally and Dependent Value:The Factory Manager is an important person in the company and weighs in at 200 points. Line workers might come in at 125 points or less.

Social Attributes

CR: 3Loyalty: Poor (8;-1)
Rank:Business 0-3 [2/level]
Income Range:$550 (Struggling) to $5,500 (Wealthy)


People react to the organization on a whole with little to no regard positive, negative, or otherwise. It is typical. Some muckrakers think that the treatment of the employees is inhumane, but no one wants to rock the boat if they can't expect to get a job somewhere else.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

This was a bit harder than I expected because I was trying to build the template for all the data, but now it looks ok, and should be easier to make more organizations in the future. Huzzuh.


  1. It is, and covers a lot about assembly line enchantment. The setting assumes a rebirth of magic at the time of the first H bomb detonation.


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