Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

It's been a ride.
Did your daddy or mommy ever tell you what a GURPS is?

The Bludgeoning With the Blogeon

Wew, this week we have a postravaganza reach back with the 25 most recent posts per blog... 25 doesn't even take me to the one month Fantaversery of the kickstarter. Oh well! I'll focus my thoughts on just this week, so post as far back as September 23rd, ok?
Ravens N' Pennies continues to be entertaining, as Christopher had a Dungeon Fantasy esque theme going on. I like giant spiders and I think they have an opportunity to be something interesting if people let them be. I wrote a loose "five room dungeon" themed around them before.
My lowering the average is helping
you though.
I've been enjoying the pirate themed rituals on Don't Forget your Boots, and we have a spirit summoning one this week.
As you can see in the caption on the left, I didn't do too well on the 30 year quiz. I only been playing since January 2015 though. I mean, I hope I don't sound defensive, but a lot of the questions I got wrong were trivia for stats I don't use, so I feel like I got most of the questions right I should have got right. ;3 I can only think of one I got wrong that I should have known, but no spoilers for you guys.
Moe Lane has an amusing martial arts styles for esoteric healing martial artists, and Daniel Dover has been doing that for a while now, but he has a very thoughtful editorial on his opinions on Dungeon Fantasy I enjoyed reading.

Self Reflection and Other Thoughts

Still all in the single digits, but it seems
like I'm getting human search results
now... even if it looks like some are
just attempting piracy.
Last month traffic bombed. This month, it skyrocketed, and has gone above and beyond even what the reasonable trend would expect.  My two most popular posts this week are... a link to the updated version of GURPS Character Sheet, 4.5.1, and my spreadsheet on comparing the value of lifting ST to compensatory Basic Move and Speed. Just realized I might have made a small bug in the spreadsheet that might make Basic Speed/Move ~25% cheaper, (forgot to account for each 1.00 of Basic Speed increasing Basic Move as well.) which is an important improvement. I should go back and fix that.
I was looking at search results that found my blog and it seems like I'm starting to get more "legitimate" queries. I get a lot of queries that are literally the url of posts, which I am guessing is some search engine indexing or spam bot nonsense, but this month, they only take up three slots in the top 10... and the word "content" for some reason too.
In real life, this has been a very awful month, but at least in GURPS life, things are going well! Thanks for reading!


  1. I actually had a new GURPS post yesterday (Sorcery writeups!), but it came in after the weekly pull.

    ...Since you were commenting earlier about having caught up with Dungeon Fantasy issues of Pyramid, I'll point out there's been two Alternate Dungeons issues.

    1. Jup, Reviewed them also! And even though those 4 issues and the Alternate Dungeon issues explicitly shout out "DUNGEON FANTASY" there are a lot of issues that are also predominantly Dungeon Fantasy oriented. I did take a glance over your sorcery spells ( ) and particularly liked the writeup for Charm $VAR.


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