Monday, October 3, 2016

Imbuement: Critical Charge

A picture without an article. ;_;
I don't do imbuements a lot, because I think the main book and Pyramid #3/04 already cover the wide variety of nominal use cases, but I came up with an idea for an Imbuement I don't believe I've seen anywhere, and I'm in a time crunch today, so let's get to it. This is an imbuement that allows your next attack or defense to more likely land a critical strike.


The penalties for the cool extras of an imbuement seem to be somewhat related to the value of the modifier the imbuement applies as an enhancement. Slightly better Critical Hit rates might be seen, at the most extreme, as a +300% rule breaking cosmic enhancement for a single attack. It seems like for each level of a 300% enhancement, we need a -12 penalty to skill (yikes!) but, hey, I can live with this, it's traceable and it fits with tradition. I am going to say it is an Imbue 3 skill, but I think you could reason it is an Imbue 2 skill, but not Imbue 1; getting a lot of critical hits could be seen as in the realm of just being very skilled instead of anything supernatural.
With that, here is my first imbuement write-up.

Critical Charge

General; DX/Very Hard

Default: Specialty for related weapon at same penalty as weapon default.
Prerequisite: Imbue 3
The weapon moves with otherworldly grace, as if predicting where you wish for it to move, and it glides to its destination with no provocation or hesitation. Your next roll of 6 or less counts as a critical hit. This number can be raised by taking a penalty to the roll
Modifiers: -12 for 7 or less to count as a critical hit, -24 for an 8 or less to count as a critical hit, etc.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

I think the -12 penalty is too stiff, so I think it might be better to say -8 for 7, and -16 for 8, but then not include the word etc. This depends on what you think the value of x is in (Cosmic, Critical hits are easier by 1, +x%). If someone wants to give me their thoughts or tell me if this has ever been officially codified, I'll gladly correct these numbers to something more appropriate.


  1. Why does this feel reminiscent of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash? XD

    1. I'm sure tons of RPGs and related have similar ideas. I was almost thinking of trying the anime on Crunchyroll.

    2. I quite enjoyed it, despite various tropes and it being another "transported into a fantasy world" shows. There are those who can't stand the slow(ish) development but the story and real reactions were the highlights for me. I also think the background art is gorgeous.


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