Monday, October 31, 2016

Powers: Candy Based Abilities (Blog or Treat)

Cash4Candy, kiddo.
It's a pretty difficult ability to stat up, but I don't care! I'm in a writer's block mode, so here's a weird ability triggered by candy!


This is a Wildcard ability called Candy! And it depends on the power Modifier Candy-Imbued, which is basically the 15% for Sorcery, plus 5% more for Trigger (thematically appropriate candy) So, -20% overall. For every 16 points invested in this advantage you can use any power that costs 5 points before the power modifier. Or:
  • Candy![16 points/level]
    • A user can use any ability that costs 5 points per level that is thematically appropriate for the candy that they consume. These use all the rules for Sorcery, notably, that this is magically limited, and that FP (or alternative rituals) are needed.
  • Or, if easier:
  • Candy![16 points/level]
    • This allows improvising 4 points of advantages per level when consuming candy. All improvised advantages include the Modifier (Candy Imbued, -20%)
Thus the talent for this ability is similar to that for Sorcery in cost, and depends on whether there are any limitations on Sorcery. Said limitations do not impact this wildcard ability.

Example Abilities

Kit-Kat Bar

The power of a kit kat bar is the ability to share with friends, eating a kit-kat bar might give you abilities like
  • Healing (Unmodified, requires Candy! 6)
  • Allies - Assuming always there, an ally based on these many points requires this level of Candy!
    • 25% - Candy! 1
    • 50% - Candy! 2
    • 75% - Candy! 3
    • 100% - Candy! 4
    • 150% - Candy! 8
  • Language - Native Spoken, Candy! 1, both spoken and written, Candy! 2.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Cups are containers, they hold things.
  • Constriction (Engulfing) - Candy! 4
  • Payload 10(Cosmic, Extradimensional Bag) - Candy! 4
    • Eat the other cup to retrieve your stuff!


Two of them. This implies doubling, or two.
  • Extra Attack 1 - Candy! 5
  • Altered Time Rate 1 - Candy! 20
  • Compartmentalized Mind - Candy! 10
  • Duplication - Candy! 7 per copy.


Snickering, laughing, or, also, the big catch phrase, "Hungry, why wait?"
  • Doesn't Eat or Drink
    • Well, this'll probably need pseudo permanent duration extension to be useful, so Doesn't Eat or Drink (Candy Imbued, -20%; Extended Duration, Permanent, +150%)[23] - Candy! 6.
  • Rapier Wit - Candy! 1 - It can make you a funny guy!
  • Extra Mouth - Candy! 1

Milky Way/Mars

A candy that references space... space reminds me of astrology, and astrology reminds me of luck.
  • Luck - Candy! 3
  • Serendipity - Candy! 3
  • Super Luck - Candy! 20


Butterfinger, someone who has a slippery grip.
  • Slippery 5 - Candy! 2
  • Afflictions that lower an opponent's DX
    • The lowest level possibility Affliction 1 (HT; Candy Imbued, -20%; Attribute Penalty, DX-1, +10%) Would Require Candy! 2.


Smart, right?
  • IQ + 1 - Candy! 4

Dum Dums

Dumb, right?
  • An affliction to lower enemy intelligence, It follows the same pattern as the lowered DX affliction above.

Dove Chocolate

It's represented by a bird! Flight! Peace!
  • Flight (Candy Imbued, -20%, Winged, -25%)[22] - Candy! 6
  • Afflictions that give the enemy Pacifism.
    • Affliction 1 (HT, Candy Imbued, -20%; Disadvantage, Pacifism, Self Defense Only, +14%)[10] would require Candy! 3.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

This could go on forever and ever, but basically, if you can think of something and it makes sense, it should be allowed... Marshmallows might be homogeneous, Haribo Frogs might be Super Jump. Atomic Fireballs might be any burning innate attack. Licorice Whips might afflict sadism and lecherousness! Candy with tons of small pieces like M&Ms or nerds might grant Diffuse. Swedish Fish might grant Doesn't Breath. Tell me if you can think of anything really creative! Combine this with the Alternate Ability mechanic built into Sorcery and this might lead to some cost effective improvisation!


  1. This post officially wins Blog or Treat. I know it wasn't a competition but you sir still win it.


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