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Powers: (Inspired by) Weedle and Beedrill

Which end is which?
So, in the few previous posts I made, I explicitly labeled these articles as "Sorcery" but I'm finding that I'm running into more abilities that can't neatly fold into sorcery abilities, so I am just calling this powers now, ok? Today, We'll look at Weedle and Beedrill.

Poison Sting

This is more a physical property of an animal then a special move. I will use Striker from the Basic Set. If this does any damage, it triggers a cyclic toxic follow-up. 1 point

Piercing Striker (Cannot Parry, -40%; Weak, -50%) [1] and
Toxic Attack 1 HP (Cyclic, 10 cycles, 10 seconds, +900%; Follow-Up, Piercing Striker, +0%)[10]
Adding Biological to the follow-up attack might be an interesting option as well. Note that if you use Natural Weapons, you can make a pi- version of this striker that would cost an extra point because the weak modifier doesn't apply.

 Fury Attack

This is an application of attacking multiple times in one turn. If you were to ask me, I'd make this a combination attack of three uses of brawling against the "random" hit location. After speaking online with a few "experts," we decided a Unique Technique perk tax would assuage anyone daring to question it's legitimacy. This ability then would be written as
Combination (Brawling/Random + Brawling/Random + Brawling/Random) X+X+X[16] and
Unique Technique (Fury Attack)[1]
 Note that this combination assumes you will use the default attack option every time (for brawling, a punch. Also note that for someone with Trained by a Master, you can subtract 6 from the cost. Finally, relevantly, assuming Beedrill is ambidextrous (or has off hand weapon training (brawling)) you can subtract 2 from the cost.

Focus Energy

Yes, the bees!
Welcome to the cool and crazy zone of house rules, this ability makes critical hits more likely. To make this into an ability, let's start with this home-brewed Imbuement here. Using the rules for converting an Imbuement into a Sorcery spell,on p. 11 of Thaumatology - Sorcery the basic level of this advantage costs 34 points because of a +100% modifier. Using this ability as an affliction gives us the extra time we need for this buff.

Focus Energy

Keywords: Weapon Buff

Full Cost: 45 points for level 1. 96 points per additional level.
Casting Roll: None, use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: 3 minutes
The enhanced weapon (or striker) gets a critical hit on a 6 or less for any attack rolls in the next three minutes. Additional levels raise that number (eg Focus Energy 2 is a critical hit on 7 or less, and Focus Energy 3 is a critical hit on 8 or less)
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Advantage, Critical Charge, +340%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [45]
Notes: Each additional level increases the chance of getting a critical hit by increasing the cap. 

Twin Needle

This is basically a combination attack again, except with two attacks, using the striker described for poison sting earlier, assuming that you also have the toxic follow-up.
Combination(Brawling Piercing Striker/Random + Brawling Piercing Striker/Random)X+X[9]
Unique Technique (Twin Needle)[1] 
Read p.80 of Martial Arts for a few edge cases where this might be cheaper than normal.

Pin Missile

Simply an innate attack with a Rate of Fire of 5, meaning potentially 5 hits. Looking at the probability of each set of hits, I don't think it has an adjusted recoil.

Pin Missile

Keywords: Missile, Obvious

Full Cost: 8.5 points/level.
Casting Roll: None, use Innate Attack to aim.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: instant.
The caster fires 5 piercing missiles at once, each hit the target depending on margin of success. Rolls get an extra +1 to hit as 5 projectiles are being fired.
Statistics: Piercing Attack 1 (Increased 1/2D, +15%; Rapid Fire, +70%; Sorcery, -15%;) [9]
Notes: Each additional level increases the damage incurred by each missile by 1d.  Recommended level is 2, and this ability is most "cost efficient" at even levels.

In GURPS mechanics, one could freely boost the rate of fire to 7 for no change in cost if they wanted.


This raises speed in pokemon, which most closely corresponds to Basic Move in GURPS, so each casting increases basic move by 2 in a cumulative way.


Keywords: Buff

Full Cost: 61 points for level 1. 2 points/ additional level
Casting Roll: None, use Innate Attack to aim.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: 3 minutes
The target of the spell has his or her basic move raised by 2, which lasts for 3 minutes at level 1. Additional levels increase this duration. The effect is cumulative with multiple castings (eg, +4 move for 2 castings, and +6 move for 3 castings.)
Statistics: Affliction 1 (Advantage, Basic Move +2 (Magic), +90%; Cumulative, +400%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Increased 1/2D, +15%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%;) [61]
Notes: Each additional level adds or ratchets up extended duration.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

The more of these I do, the more they have moves that overlap with those previously statted. 

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