Monday, November 21, 2016

Boardroom and Curia: Apfelbaum Police Station (TL 5+2)

Some interesting historical
police station architecture.
So, my rural city has a post-office and a train station, to that, let's add a police station.


I typed into google "how many policeman per capita?" and got about 20 per 10k of people in a small town. So this police station is staffed by 20 officers, and then maybe half again in logistics and command, for a total of 30 officers.

The Numbers

Apfelbaum Post Office

Mission Statement: To protect and serve the people of Apfelbaum.


TL: 5+2Members: 30
Wealth: Average
Contacts: Administration-15[2], Area Knowledge-15[2], Guns-15[10], Law (Criminal)-15[10], Piloting/TL5+2 (Helicopter)-15[2], Politics-12[1]
Member Traits: Combat Reflexes[15], Duty(Police, 15 or less)[-15], Fit[5], Legal Enforcement Powers[5], Pacifism (Cannot harm innocents)[-10] 
Notable Resources: The crime lab has typical modern fixtures, if a little understocked. The real treasure of this station are two gyrocopters, model AB-II (or colloquially, "Abydos") These have statistics like the OH-6A helicopter on p.241 of GURPS High-Tech, but slightly less HP due to being made mainly of wood. It has 27 HP instead, and is fueled by magitech batteries. This construction material is cheaper, but the most important components are crafted in such a way that they are nigh indestructible, and may be recovered from even the most severe wreckage, leaving price unaltered.
Reaction Time Modifier:+3, Response to emergencies from dispatch however have a reaction time of -5 instead. 27%

Costs and Values

Startup Cost: $503kResource Value: $2,515
Patron Value: 10Enemy Value: -20
Ally and Dependent Value: Allies and Dependants will range from 50 to 150 points, the job requires a decent amount of training, some of which prepares officers for potentially deadly encounters. For a higher point value ally or dependant, consider basing one off of the Forensic Sorcerer in Urban Magics.

Social Attributes

Type: Enforcement, Government, Investigative
CR: 4Loyalty: Neutral (12;+0)
Rank: Police 0-5 [5/level]
Income Range:$550 (Struggling) to $2,200 (Comfortable)
Reputation:+1 for being thought to be mostly on the up and up.


Police have a lot of martial capabilities and are equipped with powerful transportation options. Among these, especially, the prize of the fleet, the two AB-IIs. Some officers might have the Mindlink advantage with dispatch and/or helicopter pilots for quick response and situational awareness respectively. This takes up a large portion of a dispatcher or pilots point budget, but isn't so bad for the individual officers.
These numbers are an average, if it suits you, throw in some really good cops, or some rotten apples, or think of move the goal post completely by changing the key abilities, advantages, and disadvantages a little.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

Those helicopters are really expensive. Thinking maybe I need to scale price down to TL5 from TL8, but then again, I don't expect the players in my campaign to just be buying a fleet or two of them, so it might be moot anyways. It looks like if I were to reduce the price for the time period, the ratio might be 1:4.


  1. And this setting just gets more and more interesting.

  2. Just statting out the things that are important in my setting.


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