Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Boardroom and Curia: Apfelbaum Town Hall (TL 5+2)

Cape Town, circa several years ago.
So we have a post office and a police station, let's stat up City Hall.


I randomly asked in a chat room what's the average size of a city government for a rural town, some guy gave me some numbers. I extrapolated a bit from there and got around 100 members, including everyone doing civil service, excluding the police department because I statted them separately. Let's see how this looks then.

The Stats

Apfelbaum Town Hall

Mission Statement: To meet the civic needs of our constituents in the wide area .


TL: 5+2Members: 100
Wealth: Comfortable
Contacts: Administration-21[4], Area Knowledge-15[10], Law-15[10], Politics-18[3]
Member Traits: Intuitive Statesman[10], Legal Immunity[10], Sense of Duty (Apfelbaum)[-5], Workaholic[-5]
Notable Resources: There is not much cool going on in city hall except for an interactive map built enchanted a long time ago. This map shows current political opinion and duress throughout the jurisdiction. It is maintained with a ritual once every 5 years - an application of Greater Sense mind and lesser control matter. Other than that, facilities are as one would expect from any small town hall.
Reaction Time Modifier:+1, The organization has a lot of hierarchical complexity, but it is staffed with professionals that can mostly handle the issues inherent in the system.

Costs and Values

Startup Cost: $3.6MResource Value: $18k
Patron Value: 10Enemy Value: -15
Ally and Dependent Value: Allies and Dependants can range from very low point (~25) civil servants, to nationally known politicians (~200 or more). Most high level allies will have abilities related to social skills, strategy, wealth, and contacts.

Social Attributes

Type: Government
CR: 3Loyalty: Poor (9;-1)
Rank: Administrative 0-6 [5/level]
Income Range:$1,100 (Average) to $5,500 (Wealthy)
Reputation:+0 they do a good job, but some of the residents wish they were a bit more laissez faire.


This is a typical town-hall with staffing for all public works. Sanitation, water treatment, parks and recreation, town planning, the council, etc. It mostly consists of people that genuinely want to do the best job they can do... but not go overboard. If an opportunity to advance presents itself, members may flex political muscle to get ahead. Of course, no one does anything out and out bad, but for the right price or job opportunity, they might look the other way or lubricate the machinery of government in one's favor.

Other thoughts and Conclusion

Now I got a lot of the public services statted out for a single community, but I'm wondering if my party might head in a different direction. I kept these stats fairly neutral so that it might be easier to turn a dial here or there for "Police Apartment 2" or "Town Hall B" to have a slightly different flavor. I probably need to consider the NPCs that staff these institutions, but having a macro view of them can kinda help give me a basic skeleton if needed.

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