Thursday, November 24, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

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Did anything neat happen this week? The theme was community, and there are a few community themed post. It's pretty abstract and hard to say what is and isn't community, so I'm not especially surprised. I liked this post on Lightning Guns from Hard Maths. I enjoyed Archon Shiva's post on community too, though I admit I got a little lost while reading it. Enraged Eggplant has a billion racial templates and they all go deep and wide, it's pretty cool stuff. Mailanka has an interesting post on advice for players which is unfortunately too rare. Ravens N' Pennies has a really interesting post on the Leech advantage which is really helpful because it doesn't have enough content in GURPS Powers by itself really. Oh, I also helped with a thing over here.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

This week was community week, so I did a lot of statting of communities and fixtures for the game I'm running. The most popular post this week though is my list of questions for a social contract. It's a funny thing how everyone makes assumptions about what the fundamental universal truths of the universe are, and so we never bother asking anyone else, because it is a universal truth.
Traffic has been ok, comments have petered out. Not much more to say.

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  1. Yeah, my post is more of a meandering inspirational mish-mash than clear recommendations. I'd be glad to do a later follow-up if readers direct me to what they'd like more direction or details on.


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