Friday, November 25, 2016

Powers: (Inspired by) Ponyta

Fire head, fire armpits,
fire butt.
Fire horse lives in an abandoned factory, like normal horses.

Flame Body

This is a passive attack if someone touches the opponent, they might get burned.
Burning Attack 1d(Aura, +80%; Cosmic, Extra Incendiary, +50%; Incendiary 2, +20%; No Injury, -50%)[10/level]
Take a few levels if you like, this has a really good chance of setting anyone on fire that touches you.


This is mostly an application of high SM and the claws (specifically, hooves) advantage. Additionally, you might want to add this:
Affliction 1(Follow-Up, Trampling, +0%)[10]
To capture the stunning effect.

Flame Charge

Combine the effects of Flame Body with a slam attack, and then add this as a linked effect to the slam.
Affliction (Speed +1.00, +200%; Cumulative, +400%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Link, A slam, +10%)[71]


A strong fire attack with a low accuracy.


Keywords: Leveled, Missile Obvious

Full Cost: 10.75 points/level.
Casting Roll: None, use innate attack to aim.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: Instant
The "caster" douses the target in intense and wild flames. This attack has 0 accuracy, and may not be aimed, but has incendiary level 3, so treat all objects as if their flammability level is 3 levels lower than normal.
Statistics: Burning Attack 1d (Cosmic, Very Incendiary, +100%; Inaccurate 3, -15%; Incendiary 3, +30% Increased 1/2D, +15%; Sorcery, -15%) [11]
Notes: Each level adds an additional die of damage. Efficiency wise, multiples of 4 levels are preferred, but keeping in line with other abilities, level 5 seems like an appropriate maximum.


This is a really high jump that ends in landing on the opponent. I think Flying Jump-Kick from Martial Arts might be an appropriate already existing move to replace this.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

Hooray, another easy post because of a huge overlap. Flame Charge is a bit expensive, but cumulative effects are always expensive.

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