Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Could probably make a
good premise for a GURPS
Incidentally, it is also the day Flip-Flappers episodes come out.

New Blogs

A billion, or five new blogs!
  • Apocalyptic Analysis - A general purpose blog looking to eventually discuss games at a meta level. Not much here yet, but it sounds like interesting food for thought.
  • Blogging at Default - Currently exploring worldbuilding for a Sci-Fi Space Opera setting. Sounds kinda interesting, and has a decent balance of lore and mechanics.
  • The Gaming Musings of a Mad GM - Mostly so far, this has been some interesting recaps of a high fantasy, action packed GURPS campaign, with a few notes here and there about mechanics, and sometimes other systems.
  • RPG Gulag - A GURPS blog that will detail converting Mass Effect (or creating a Mass Effect-alike) not much here, but looking forward to seeing more.
  • Tabletop Ramblings of a High-Tech Lowlife - A blog that plans to go over some generic fixtures to for TL9 and cyberpunk settings. Surely there isn't enough for the fans of the genre, so the contribution is appreciated.

Other Blogs

Moe Lane has an interesting post on Telluric engineering. It's got a lot of interesting detail and is a neat foundation to a new little sub-system. Generic Universal Eggplant has some monsters I want to take a closer look at... and that's about it... kinda a light week for posting. A buncha people mentioned the super awesome 40% discount on GURPS PDFs through the 15th of the month, that's like buy 3 get 2 free, so that's super cool.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

Plummeted traffic. I crossed the threshold to 100,000 hits though. six figures, yay. Rumor says that the Discworld book might come out in December now, even before Christmas instead of January, so that's nice. Traffic is so lousy, there are no posts to point out. I'm almost at the year anniversary.Thinking I should do something different in year 2, dunno what.

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  1. If you could make sure all of the guys who you've tagged as new bloggers (all of whom are on blogspot) label their GURPS posts with the GURPS tag, that would help tremendously. The script actively looks for those tags.


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