Thursday, December 29, 2016

First Annual Metapostravaganza!

Sitting next to me on my
Let's look over the year and remember the things that happened since I started blogging on December 10, 2015. Oh, and the posts from this week.

Blogs around the world

Ravens n Pennies has gathered up all the triple threat posts (monsters) into one PDF, that's convenient! Dungeon Fantastic is giving some interesting lessons learned on treasure dispersion. Again, Generic Universal Eggplant has a bunch of cool, reusable, generic content.

The Year In Review

Growth has maybe hit a plateau?
In December 2015, I received 538 hits. In December 2016, on average, I get around that much in a day.
At the end of the year, most of my hits come from the official Steve Jackson games forums, Facebook, Google Search Engine, Google+, and The old Gaming Ballistic blog. Unfortunately, as far as search engine usage goes, seems like bot based searches still outnumber human based searches, with the bot based searches simply consisting of actual URLs of certain pages on my blog, though in recent weeks and months some human search queries are bubbling up and almost breaching the top 10.
In this year, I've played in two games, and I have ran five. None of the five that I have run have reached an end, but the two I played in did. Dunno what that says about me!
Looking at my most popular posts of the year, the patterns that stick out:
  • Neither monsters nor abilities are the most popular
  • Reviews are very popular
  • Dungeons are also very popular
  • Editorial posts are also at the top
  • Session Recaps are not very popular
The interesting thing to me about that to me is that I think statting monsters is some of the more interesting stuff that I write, and I'm surprised that my opinions mean anything to anyone. It seems to say to me that people prefer to consume "soft" information to "hard" information. I don't mean to imply that objective or subjective posts are inferior or superior; my surprise is that I don't feel like I'm the kinda person that has enough experience to be giving any kinda advice that should be taken in any serious capacity. I mean, this is a self reflective post, so I'll say that I think among my personal "gifts" is a certain intuition for systems, and a penchant for questioning popular wisdom - I think those help me a lot in my day to day job as a software developer, but maybe that intuition leads to a few salient points here and there and the unorthodox exploration of subjective areas shines light on undiscovered or previously unconsidered facets of the machine? In any case, I appreciate the comments, the views, and everything. Maybe I'm a bit emotionally invested, but I take the positive comments and constructive criticism to mean several people think I have worthwhile opinions and something important to say about a somewhat niche hobby.
Going forward, I want to figure out what to do with my blog that's different. Last year, I posted at least once a day for 365 days. I have, including this post almost 500 in the span of a year. I don't want to "quit" blogging, but I want to figure out something different and unique to do for 2017. I think step one is to get an article published in Pyramid... as soon as I get over the garish Microsoft Word template. Step two is deciding on maybe a new venue of interacting with social media. Written word is a comfort zone for me, but I'm tossing around the idea of streaming, podcasts, videos, or more mixed media. Those goals aren't very "SMART" but I guess if I achieve those, I'd be satisfied.
Oh well, the last few weeks of 2016 have been awesome, hoping that 2017 can be just as good or better.

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