Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Session Recap: Planet Mages Session 8 - Finale!

Something like this happens.
Violent ending with guns and motorcycles and good ol' fashioned fist.


  • Players
    • Henry Poe (Myself) - A shapeshifting wannabe actor who does stunt work. Has big confidence issues holding him back.
    • Sasha Ivanova - an ex member of a coven. She rejected the groups traditions when her mentor died, and took on a cowboy persona.
    • Nathaniel Stone - Born around the turn of the century, an incident during World War II turned him nigh immortal. The events he in which he participated in said war have sparked a long running deadly feud with a wicked man similarly gifted.
  • NPCS
    • Sergeant Johnson - Someone from another dimension who is working with the "Spiritual Society"
    • Onyx - Nathaniel's arch nemesis who has the same blessings and powers.
    • Xiao Zhu - A friend of Nicholas Cage who knows a lot about the spiritual society.
    • Anton Belyakov - Deceased, the man who tried to kill Nicholas Cage. Has connections to the "Accelerators."
    • Julia Mendez - Henry's agent.
    • Adriano Malini - an old Italian man who knows fire magic, even though it is theoretically impossible.
    • Jose Vasquez - An aging professional wrestler, apparently knows something important about the warheads and the Accelerators group.


We decide to wait, suspecting that Adriano would attack Jose "Swift Hammer" Vasquez. And we were right.
The next day, Sasha and I stage ourselves on the roof opposite of the gym where Jose and I fought, while Nate waits inside. Sasha sees three motorcycles approaching, carrying Adriano, Onyx, and some unknown. Nate begins to transform while Sasha shoots out one of their tires successfully. Onyx, after being flung from his bike, angrily crashes through the window, Sasha continues shooting at him chipping him, while the others go through the front door. Nate begins to tussle, while I watch Sasha's 6. Things start looking bad for Nate, wrestling Onyx, being shot at by an unknown stranger and being burnt up by Adriano's fire magic, and Sasha's bullets being blocked out by a firewall set up by Adriano. Deciding to risk it, I jump off the roof [I fail several acrobatics rolls spectacularly in a row.] Hitting the ground hard, I activate my regeneration despite the side effects, and crawl towards the gym to back up Nate, disable the firewall or something. Sasha works on getting around the firewall and Nate manages to finally get some good strong hits in on Onyx. Jose noticed me dragging myself towards the window, and started enchanting a motorcycle, unbeknownst to me, to make it go really fast. He tells me to get on it and trust him. When my wounds finally set themselves and I get on, I smash through the window at incredible speed, instantly smashing the skull of the unknown guy... I just killed someone. In the confusion, and with the turned momentum, Nate finishes off Onyx and Adriano as I'm flung through the air at 60 miles an hours [I actually survived this because I was wearing my stunt armor and the damage rolled was all 1s.]
We decide to bury Adriano and Onyx at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, some Brazilian band is playing so this turns out surprisingly easy as everyone in the city including the police are preoccupied with the concert. Some band I never heard of. I feel weird about what I've done, Sasha decides she wants to go world hopping with Sergeant Johnson, and I dunno what happened to Nate. Maybe he went off with her? Oh well.

Thoughts and Self Reflection

  • Things That went Well
    • Hey, campaign ended! Woo! That's an awesome accomplishment, thank you, GM!
    • The intensity felt about right.
    • Nate got to have a heroic moment which seemed fitting as Sasha had a spotlight moment, early on, and then Henry got his fight scene, so letting Nate have the finale seemed right.
  • Things That coulda gone better
    • I think knowing ahead of time this was to be the last session took a bit of air out of my sails, but meh.
    • Had never used acrobatics heavily, but had some heavily cursed dice the first time I needed it.
    • Sasha's role seemed a bit small in the finale, but meh, her player seemed content.

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