Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Powers: (Inspired by) Krabby

Krabby is a pun on the word Krabi, like
the martial art krabi-krabong.
Crab pokemon. Only ever needed one water type, so yeah.

Hyper Cutter

This is immunity to attack lowering abilities, which in GURPS is Striking ST. This might be
Immunity To ST lowering Abilities (Common)[15]

Sheer Force

This is an ability that adds extra damage to any attack that might cause an affliction. This is a cosmic follow-up that only affects damaging attacks that somehow might incur an affliction, or about 1:4, for a -30% accessibility to cosmic follow-up, for a +35% cosmic follow up, and then the limitation that it removes the affliction it would normally grant. A symptom or a side effect starts at about +50% and can go up to about +200% nominally, so I think a -75% limitation is fine, but I'll go a little conservative and say -50%. Alternatively, I'll rate it as temporary disadvantage, except the temporary disadvantage is giving the opponent immunity to all metabolic hazards. This might look like this:
Crushing Attack 1d (Cosmic, any attack with an affliction, +35%; Temporary Advantage, Immunity To Metabolic Hazards, -40%)[4.75 points/level]
An even simpler treatment is calling this a... 5 point unusual background that gives the option of customizing any damaging attack that normally has an affliction property by removing the affliction, and instead increasing damage by up to 30%.

Vice Grip

A strong grappling attack. Consider the Power Grappling perk from Martial Arts, p. 51.

Metal Claw

An attack that raises your attack power after a successful usage. The easiest version of this might be:
Striking ST 1 (Only after one successful melee attack, -10%)[4.5 points/level]
Take up to 8 levels. The benefit lasts for 1 minute.


This is Horn Drill by another name.

Crab Hammer

This is like Stone Edge, but with a cutting attack instead, and it can go up to 5d damage.


This is an attack that gets stronger the less HP you have, this is most accurately probably statted as Striking ST that is given at a low threshold. Assuming that less than 50% HP is an emergency, we can stat this as:
Striking ST 1 (Emergencies Only, -30%)[3.5 points/level]
Take a lot of levels if you wish.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

Volunteering today, so I actually finished this one ahead of time. Hooray. Had to shuffle around a lot of normal life to make it fit. Might be running a game tonight too.

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