Monday, December 5, 2016

Powers: (Inspired by) Drowzee

I never used him because
I liked Abra more.
I always thought the association with tapirs and dreams was weird in Japan, but I found out it's just a weird coincidence and the "baku" just coincidentally looks a lot like a South American tapir. Weird.


This tells you an opponent's abilities before starting a battle. With no better clue, I interpret this as a wildcard skill:
Battle Lore! IQ/VH
This is an IQ based skill that can represent Naturalist, Hidden Lore, Physiology, etc. To tell an opponent's weaknesses and strengths at the beginning of a fight. As a special side benefit, this wildcard gives a +1 to dodge against any analyzed targets for every +2 to skill.
Another option is:
Scanning Sense (Para-Radar; Bio-Scan, +50%; Reflexive, +40%)[76]
This automatically tells you about any life forms within range, and gives you enough information to analyze it further if you have the appropriate skills.


The way the pokemon games use this, it is immunity to sleep based afflictions. It's kinda like Doesn't Sleep with a limitation.
Doesn't Sleep (Still needs a normal amount of sleep a day, -50%)[5]
Feel like I statted this as immunity to sleep before, but can't find it. This ability means no one can force you to go to sleep, but you still lose sleep deprivation fatigue if you don't sleep.


Meditation boosts attack in pokemon. At its simplest, this could be an affliction to increase striking ST, but it can also be seen as the evaluate maneuver or the meditation skill.


This hurts those that have the same type as the user. In GURPS, this might be interpreted as those who have the same power modifier, or more strictly the same lens applied.


Keywords: Area (Leveled)

Full Cost: 23 points for level 1, 12 points/level thereafter.
Casting Roll: None, use innate attack.
Range: 2 yards, doubling with each level.
Duration: Instant
The "caster" creates a wave around herself hurting everyone that shares the same lens typing as her. This does 6d toxic damage to everyone in range that meets those criteria.
Statistics: Toxic Attack 6d (Accessibility, Same "Type", -40%; Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Emanation, -20%; No Signature, +20%;  Sorcery, -15%)[18]


An attack that in pokemon is special because it uses different stats to protect... this is below the threshold of GURPS, and technically speaking, the way it normally works anyway for regular missile attacks.


Keywords: Leveled, Missile, Obvious

Full Cost: 5 points/level
Casting Roll: None, use innate attack.
Range: 100 yards
Duration: Instant
The "caster" sends forth shockwaves against the target. this does 1d damage per level
Statistics: Crushing Attack 1d (Increased 1/2d, +15%;  Sorcery, -15%)[5]
Notes: each level adds 1d of damage to the initial attack. Appropriate max is 4d.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

Short post today, but it works for me because I'm in a time crunch. I think its fun when there are multiple ways to arrive at the same conclusion. I had a conversation in the Discord about how to stat out Forewarn and got Scanning Sense, Detect (Abilities), and I came up with a wildcard knowledge skill. I calculated the accessibility of "Same Type" as a 1:15 chance in this example, because that's how many types pokemon has, but it might be more or less depending on your setting.

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