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Session Recap: Planet Mages Session 5

Anime sniper girls.
The one where the party meanders a bit, and someone gets shot.


  • Players
    • Henry Poe (Myself) - A shapeshifting wannabe actor who does stunt work. Has big confidence issues holding him back.
    • Sasha Ivanova - an ex member of a coven. She rejected the groups traditions when her mentor died, and took on a cowboy persona.
    • Nathaniel Stone - Born around the turn of the century, an incident during World War II turned him nigh immortal. The events he in which he participated in said war have sparked a long running deadly feud with a wicked man similarly gifted.
  • NPCS
    • Sergeant Johnson - Someone from another dimension who is working with the "Spiritual Society"
    • Xiao Zhu - A friend of Nicholas Cage who knows a lot about the spiritual society.
    • Anton Belyakov - Deceased, the man who tried to kill Nicholas Cage. Has connections to the "Accelerators."
    • Julia Mendez - Henry's agent.
    • Adriano Malini - an old Italian man who knows fire magic, even though it is theoretically impossible.
    • Jose Vasquez - An aging professional wrestler, apparently knows something important about the warheads and the Accelerators group.


We scoped out a building and didn't find much, so we decide to go look for Sergeant Johnson to get a handle on what to do next. At around 1500 that day, we are back in red square with Sergeant Johnson. He tells us the obvious, to translate the message we received using an online translator. It's a message relating the deceased Alexander Ulyanov, asking to reconvene with him and a man named Alexander Ulyanov at 1800 at a cafe called '7-40,' which Sasha coincidentally knows about. Xiao Zhu notes that the 2006 we saw written on the chalkboard corresponds to the end of the Pluto group, magicians known for death magic.
The message also says that they are trying to find the "Gaia spirit," someone that both Nate Stone and Onyx are familiar with, and who has a connection to the vestment of their special abilities, apparently they wanted to ask Onyx where to find the Gaia spirit.
Finally the note mentions something about warheads, apparently some of the magic users of the coven we looked through have a bunch of "Buster Warheads" somewhere. I don't know what that means!
So we head to the Jewish cafe, 7-40, and get there at 1730, a half an hour early. There is an old Italian man there who the group decides might be important to talk to, after some deliberation, it is decided that Nate goes and speaks with him.While they are talking, my manager starts texting me about work, but I don't have any work, so I tell her I'll be back soon and not to worry.
The man introduces himself as Adriano Malini, who already knows who Nate Stone is. They start talking about the Accelerators group and the warheads, while I watch outside. It is revealed that they have a connection to NASA, and were involved in space travel some 30 years ago. He reveals that Alexander is already dead, and he doesn't care much because he has no use for him, and suggests that we go to San Diego to find out more about the warheads; an important member of the Accelerators, Jose "Swift Hammer" Vasquez is there.
Sasha leaves the eatery after a disagreement, and there is an awkward tension. I want to ask about the Gaia spirits, but instead ask for his phone number, which I guess came off as impertinent.
Suddenly, the cafe window shatters and two bullets barely miss Adriano, who decides to start walking away. There is an uproar in the crowd and widespread panic. No one is hurt, but again more shots come down, and this time Adriano is hit. Nate and I realize suddenly that Sasha is trying to kill the man, I don't understand her reasons for killing him exactly, and maybe I'm a dummy who is in way over his head, but despite what they say, I decide to save his life with my powers. The party argues a little over the wisdom of both shooting him, and then saving him, before, during, and after removing themselves from the crime scene.

Thoughts and Self Reflection

  • Things I did Well
    • I remembered to play Henry more as the naive, fish-out-of-water that I tried to make him.
  • Things I could have done better
    • I think the GM was expecting me to do more, from a few cues? I dunno, I thought I was doing what I should be doing, and there wasn't much to do besides get ready to help if an when it is needed.
  • Things I need to do eventually.
    • I have 11 points, my first goal is to get Luck at least to the 15 point level.
      • bought!
    • After that, Brawling and Wrestling at DX+2 for the sweet bonuses
    • After that, need to start buying off backlashes for my beneficial afflictions. The drawbacks on regeneration are pretty bad.
    • The combat shakes at CR 6 is pretty disruptive, I probably want to get that to at least a 12, and I probably want to remove Bad Self-Image altogether eventually, but I'm hoping to buy it off after some "character growth."
      • I've been in enough fights to buy up post-combat shakes to 12.
    • Might want to start getting some talent, or developing some infiltration skills to carve out a niche for myself that my abilities already support well.
  • Things That the group did well
    • The GM was well prepared
    • The other players played their characters well.

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