Monday, December 12, 2016

Session Recap: Planet Mages Session 6

We're on a mission from God.
Nothing happens!


  • Players
    • Henry Poe (Myself) - A shapeshifting wannabe actor who does stunt work. Has big confidence issues holding him back.
    • Sasha Ivanova - an ex member of a coven. She rejected the groups traditions when her mentor died, and took on a cowboy persona.
    • Nathaniel Stone - Born around the turn of the century, an incident during World War II turned him nigh immortal. The events he in which he participated in said war have sparked a long running deadly feud with a wicked man similarly gifted.
  • NPCS
    • Sergeant Johnson - Someone from another dimension who is working with the "Spiritual Society"
    • Xiao Zhu - A friend of Nicholas Cage who knows a lot about the spiritual society.
    • Anton Belyakov - Deceased, the man who tried to kill Nicholas Cage. Has connections to the "Accelerators."
    • Julia Mendez - Henry's agent.
    • Adriano Malini - an old Italian man who knows fire magic, even though it is theoretically impossible.
    • Jose Vasquez - An aging professional wrestler, apparently knows something important about the warheads and the Accelerators group.


Nate and I ask Sasha why she decided to shoot Adriano, and after some deliberation we decided to go to San Diego, stopping back home in Los Angeles first. Luckily Ron Banks, an actor whose life I saved, and is generally all around awesome, pulled some strings to get everyone into the US without a hitch.
I scheduled a meeting with my manager to meet Jose Vasquez, and she tells me this is possible, but under the condition that I fight him. He is a very capable wrestler, and I am worried, but maybe I can win if I use magic... then again, what if he uses magic? San Diego is just a few hours away.

Thoughts and Self Reflection

  • Things I did Well
    • I didn't make a goof-up of forgetting an important plot detail from the last session this time.
  • Things I could have done better
    • I can't really think of any major goofs this time.
  • Things I need to do eventually.
    • I have 11 points, my first goal is to get Luck at least to the 15 point level.
      • bought!
    • After that, Brawling and Wrestling at DX+2 for the sweet bonuses.
      • Got Wrestling to DX+1, but can't afford that sweet +2. 
    • After that, need to start buying off backlashes for my beneficial afflictions. The drawbacks on regeneration are pretty bad.
    • The combat shakes at CR 6 is pretty disruptive, I probably want to get that to at least a 12, and I probably want to remove Bad Self-Image altogether eventually, but I'm hoping to buy it off after some "character growth."
      • I've been in enough fights to buy up post-combat shakes to 12.
    • Might want to start getting some talent, or developing some infiltration skills to carve out a niche for myself that my abilities already support well.
It kinda saved my bacon that I got a handful more points before the next session, but I'm kinda fretting on how to spread them. I'm thinking since it is in my realm of specialty, I could give myself an advantage to make myself way stronger with a backlash, or I could try to think of ways to make my sleep affliction work better... hmm...

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