Sunday, December 11, 2016

Encounter: (Inspired by) Leechmonger

Hot leeches!
Monger - a salesperson. So what we are dealing with here is a monster that sells leeches... or no? Maybe it's a metaphor. Oh well, get ye into a horrid diseased swamp and deal with it, friends!


So let's see, there are a few critical bullet points to emulate with the Leechmonger:
  1. It is Diffuse
  2. It is weak against fire
  3. It regenerates health.
  4. It creates glowing orbs that help it regenerate even quicker
  5. It covers its enemies in leeches to kill them.
Ok, so 1 and 2 are straightforward, 3 is not so bad, 4 is the weird sticking point, and 5... we can deal with 5.
Considering these the must-haves, let's put 1-3 into my patented CER matrix and see where that puts us.
Attack Skill0Active Defense0
Affliction0Damage Resistance14
Fatigue Points0Hit Points20
Total Offensive Rating (OR)0Total Protective Rating (PR)34

Ok, taking into account the critical offensive strengths and weaknesses, the character is already at 34 points, all in resilience. Next, let's talk about offensive capabilities. It's attack isn't bad, but the follow up is killer. Let's say a 2d crushing move and 15 seconds of 1 hp cyclic damage. Let's also add another 20 HP to this thing, it's supposed to be a boss.Also 5 to skill just because we want it to be able to hit fairly often, but not make skill the big thing. Let's also make it very slow.
Attack Skill5Active Defense0
Affliction0Damage Resistance14
Fatigue Points0Hit Points40
Total Offensive Rating (OR)23Total Protective Rating (PR)54

Well, let's also add immunity to metabolic hazards because this thing is a near metaphorical representation of toxicity, and let's add an extra attack as well, plus high pain threshold.
Attack Skill10Active Defense0
Affliction0Damage Resistance20
Fatigue Points0Hit Points40
Total Offensive Rating (OR)28Total Protective Rating (PR)62

Ok, this is good enough for the main monster, next is the regeneration pods, which are easy to destroy but give him an extra 1 HP a second. Let's say they have Diffuse, Immune to metabolic hazards, 5 HP, and can restore 1 HP a second to the leechmonger.

Attack Skill0Active Defense0
Affliction0Damage Resistance26
Fatigue Points0Hit Points-4
Total Offensive Rating (OR)-6Total Protective Rating (PR)22

Cool, that's great, we got a 106 CER encounter that will probably additionally be encountered in unfavorable conditions (a swamp) so it might be up to +20% bonus CER. I left off the parry though, which will add another 4 points to the Leechmonger, let's also put unfazeable on it, because otherwise, it might be given to negotiation and blackmail, this gives another 8 CER. Converting these to stats, we get these:
ST: 18HP: 30Speed: 5
DX: 10Will: 10Move: 2
IQ: 10Per: 12
HT: 10FP: N/ASM: +1
Dodge: 8Parry: 10DR: 0
Pseudopod(15): C-3, 2d Crushing, if this does any damage, the target is left with follow-up cyclic damage of 1 hp a second for 15 seconds. Small leeches cover the body unless fire can be applied. It can also grapple with this if it wants.
Summon Healing Beacon: Range 10 yards. Once per turn, instead of doing an attack it can summon the weak healing beacon to recover HP for it.
Traits: 360 Degree Vision, Extra Attack 1, Immunity to Metabolic Hazards, Injury Tolerance (Diffuse), Regeneration (Very Fast), Striker (Pseudopods, Flexible, Long), Terrain Adaptation (Swamp), Unfazeable, Vulnerability (Fire, 2x).
Skills: Brawling-15, Hidden Lore (Demons) -14, Hidden Lore (Elder Things)-15 Survival (Swamp) - 12
Class: Elder Thing
Notes: Fights in swamps. It has intelligence, but is totally incomprehensible. Mistaken for, and might have an association with Demons. Final CER is 102, most of that being in defensive capability, making this fight more likely to be a depressing battle of attrition while slogging miserably through knee high disgusting water full of gnarly branches. No one is sure if it actually dies or just dissipates for some time only to come back.

The healing nodes look like this:
ST: N/AHP: 5Speed: 0
DX: N/AWill: N/AMove: 0
IQ: N/APer: N/A
HT: N/AFP: N/ASM: -2
Dodge: N/AParry: N/ADR: 0
Heal(N/A): 10 yards, as long as this node exists, the Leechmonger regenerates an additional 1 HP a second.
Traits: Immunity to Metabolic Hazards, Injury Tolerance (Diffuse), Terrain Adaptation (Swamp), Unfazeable, Vulnerability (Fire, 2x).
Skills: Survival (Swamp) - 12
Class: Elder Thing
Notes: A glowing mass of writhing vermin, or something that looks like it.It can't fight back, all it can do it heal. The Leechmonger has a habit of placing these in inconvenient locations. This has a final CER of 23.

With a total CER of 102 for the Leechmonger, 23 for the nodes, and a good possibility of a 20% environmental modifier, this is probably a challenging boss for a small group of new 250 point characters, but it has one very critical weakness, the vulnerability to fire, which can be done in a wide area or cone attack to make it ignore the diffuse modifier. The leechmonger, of course, lurks in shallow swamps though, so it might be trickier than you think to immolate it out of existence.

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