Monday, January 2, 2017

Recap: Silly Romperoo, Season 1 Episode 7

What a mess!
The three session fight ends today in a boring battle of attrition! Maybe we learned something from it?


There are a lot more characters signed up, but these are the ones that were involved for the large part.
An unusually youthful student of the Kabbalah, a fact hidden by his head of grey hair, Isaac Cordovero was amongst the most gifted students of the lot, displaying an affinity for the Sephirah Chokhmah to the extent of displaying talent even in the most hidden arts. However, his relative inexperience with life - not even forty years of age - had him passed over for the position of Rebbe at the Yeshiva and told to experience life to its fullest in order to gain a complete understanding of the nature of Ein Sof, as required of the greatest thaumatologists.
Brashly confident in his powers, Isaac chose to join an adventuring party, hoping to bring fame and glory to the Yeshiva and, above all, to the thaumatologist's art. He crawls dungeons, the loot secondary to his greater aspirations.
Provided character


Covered in grey rags, only her face is left uncovered. The shadows accentuate her colorful eyes and if you look closely, maybe you can make out her brown hair which she keeps short.
Raised in a village near town she was a woman always prone to fight, preferring fist and her legs to words and diplomacy, but this was a little too unorthodox for her old-fashioned village. When she grew up, she was challenged to unarmed combat by the local captain of the guard and she lost. She had to leave home and her old life with it, but she is a strong-willed person. In her travels she found masters of combat, philosophy, and all other arts. She learned that being strong doesn't mean getting into fights with everyone. She struggled internally against the urge to give into raw anger, but years of training let her take control of it and she has since become an even more impressive martial artist. However, she still has a long road to the title of master. She will become the strongest and she will spread her knowledge and style in hopes of helping those who find themselves in the same atmosphere she endured growing up.
Provided Portrait.


No citation.
A wood elf. She has the power to imbue arrows with magic.


Another female martial artist. Headstrong but able like Lilli.


Lilli and Isaac find themselves in dire straits being alone and completely surrounded by slimes, Lilli being seriously injured, and Isaac not being meant for an up-close fighting situation like this. Suddenly, Nanako from earlier, accompanied by Fang arrive from the Southwest. Isaac's shirt soaks through with acid from the previous session injuring him severely, and Lilli's arm is similarly burnt. Nanako uses explosive arrows with her power of imbuements a trick that gets around the diffuse injury tolerance, while Fang rushes to help the other two. When Isaac and Lilli retreat close enough for Lilli to assist, the three, with the help of Nanako fight back, defeating all of the little slimes without taking further serious injury, giving Isaac a chance to heal his wounds. The party, saddled with injuries and being a little too close find themselves in a precarious situation even though the slime moves incredibly slowly. Fang gets blown into a channel and gets ill from the sewage and failing to swim, Lilli gets knocked into a pillar but luckily suffers too little damage for it to penetrate DR.
After the party finally manages to retreat beyond a Northwest pillar, Nanako finally does enough damage to defeat the slime. A three session long combat comes to a close.

After Action Report

  • What Went Well
    • Combat went significantly faster
    • No one died
    • Lilli has succeeded at a comically long string of HT rolls to not faint.
  • What we learned
    • I got jumps wrong earlier, and was wondering why people were going so ridiculously far. The book gives jump distances in feet and not in yards but I glossed over the word feet because the calculation uses move, so I assumed yards.
    • Changing posture can sometimes be a "step" for a different maneuver, or its own maneuver.
    • Nausea and Retching are serious setbacks.
    • I set up the fight to be a "swashbuckler stopper," but it was a bit tricky even for players equipped with abilities to take it on. The best, easiest, and most boring approach would be to retreat to a safe hallway and kill it slow and steady out of reach. The trick is that a lot of a swashbuckler's combat prowess overlaps with a martial artist, so things that are hard for any of them will probably be hard for all of them. Hard to switch gears in the middle of combat seamlessly, and I had somewhat of an expectation that if I adjusted the combat correctly, then other players would jump in. Oh well, might be a good lesson on the types of emergency combat supplies someone should bring... like Alchemist's fire.

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