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Recap: Silly Romperoo, Season 1 Episode 8

The players take a small step forward, trigger a trap, and run for the hills.


There are a lot more characters signed up, but these are the ones that were involved for the large part.
Provided portrait.


A Paladin of a death god. Fights with a flail and shield, and has decent armor.


Nanako was not originally named Nanako, she used to be someone else, and was a well educated in mystic archery noble warrior of a wood elven court. She was the Seventh of Seven elven warriors chosen to defend a poor village against The Evil. The villagers were poor and could pay only in rice, and when Nanako heard about treasure she ran off to check for it and left her flank of the village unguarded. The Elf Lord wasn't so happy, so he took away her name (renaming her Nanako), title, and made her swear to own no more than she could carry. He also took away all the treasure she found to. There, you might not do anything with it, but my horrible backstory
Placeholder portrait


Also no source
A Musketeer and two handed swordswoman with an unusual pedigree.


A two handed swordsman. He is quick but frail, and eager to kill.


The party meets up and after Alisa re-appears, having acid splashed on her during the fight she disappeared from, and finally taking it now, she is badly wounded. Arron uses first aid successfully to heal he, and then suggests taking a break to recover, he is down several FP from using extra effort for several fights with no relenting, the party agrees. The party wanders about and curiosity is piqued when they arrive at the door the Orcs broke threw in a mad dash to escape the slimes earlier.
Alisa goes ahead and Arron, the trap spotter notices a swinging mace trap too late, which does an astonishing amount of damage to her left arm, leaving Alisa crippled [without magical healing intervention] for 5 months.
She decides to leave with Sue's lantern before Sue realizes this is happening, ticking her off. The party soon improvises a torch with a bowl of burning oil and follows after her.
Alisa is almost out of the sewers when she encounters two rats, although she quickly dispatches them, in her injured state and by herself they manage to cripple her opposite hand, making almost all combat impossible from thereon out, luckily she escapes with her life, though badly bruised.
The rest of the party decides they can't go on without a real torch so they go back to loot the dead bodies taking with them what they can get safely and using Arron's expert estimation skills to choose the most efficient treasure to carry out, and what to leave behind.
On the way out, Alisa, Arron, and Sue are waylaid by two giant skeletons. The skeletons are quickly demolished under the force of Nanako's imbuements, Arron's twin swords and, and Sue's Bastard Sword "Cer'us" and her musket, "Silver Bolt."
When they reach town, Sue's very wealthy status helps the party derive the most possible wealth from the pawned loot, Nanako decides to buy a better bow with her part of the $930.00.

After Action Report

  • What Went Well
    • Everyone enjoyed the quicker pace, it felt like a lot was accomplished even with very little in the way of "progress" forward.
    • I think the role playing was pretty good, and the players had some interesting in-character conversations. Probably difficult if fighting for your life non-stop like many of the previous sessions.
  • What Didn't Go Well
    • The players didn't like Alisa "teleporting" way ahead. I did that to keep up the pace which has tended to lag, but it did catch everyone off guard.
    • Alisa's player wants to retire his character for a new one, and he wishes he could keep his CP and transfer it to the next character. To me, that's the breaks. And it's not like Alisa is dead, and it isn't like magical healing isn't everywhere, so if Alisa's player ever gets bored of his new character, he could always switch back reasonably easy.
    • The players are starting to realize it is a mistake to go into caves without lighting.
    • The players almost mutinied when I suggested enacting training fees as recommended in Dungeon Fantasy 3. I like the idea behind it, and I really don't think the prices are outrageous, but I guess I need to consider something else.

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