Monday, January 16, 2017

Recap: Void Ventures - Session 1

Similar to some
indie game?
An emergency happens and then we handle it.


  • Emperor Point - A Mechasaurus Rex!
  • IvanovotMk 64 - A robot with a brain!
  • Jezebel - (Me) a catgirl swashbuckler!


We are told to go into emergency stasis, so of course, that's what we do. I awaken first, and go through the standard operation of awakening all me nearby mates - a robot and a dinosaur. The robot says we have been in stasis for an entire several minutes. Boring, robot! So we go outside with the cool dinosaur and the world is beautiful and full of blue rocks, but everyone says that's weird because it isn't a spaceship. Ok, didn't ask you!
So we go and find a cache of weapons, I find a laser sword, but I like my pretty sword, but I take the laser sword, and a gun, and the robot takes a reality field thing, whatever that is; we give the rest of the stuff to the dinosaur! whee~
Oh also, living metal suits, which make me hecka strong, but also the robot and the dinosaur.
So we go hunting and find a buncha stumbling zombies, and some cute, tasty looking bugs, and they attack us, the bugs are like taller than me, but who cares, I butcher em nice and easy, but they disappear without leaving any tasty parts behind. Robot tries to shoot me from behind, but I stop it with my sword, too fast for that. [Enhanced time sense and very flexible arms] Some cute lil kitties start macking on Emperor, but their tongues go through his armor, hurting him somewhat severely. Robot turns on the reality flashlight which makes it harder for the little cuties to lick us, so we slice and shoot em all up, yay!
Finally, Emperor obliterates the horde of zombies with some kinda explosive machine gun, dunno! They are all dead.
We continue and there are more zombies, some have guns! Emperor gets shot a lot because he is big and bad at hiding, robot hides behind me, and this is scary because he is a bully and shot at me already before [really missing while shooting into close combat.] While carefully planning things out, like us cats are known to do, a giant slimey living metal appears, but I, graced with a stunning, towering intellect realize that Emperor's shotgun is the best tool for the job! Shoot him for me, baby! That one too! Yay, oh no, doggos teleported, but they are not unrealistic doggos like cute kittens, but are sneaky and hurt the robot, not me though. While brains are mentally traumatizing our giant dino buddy, me and robot liquefy some teleportapuppies. Finally, swiss cheeseasaurus rex kills the giant floating brains, and my paws are free I quickly jump all the way across the field [living armor suits have super jump 2] and zombies can't turn around fast enough so I slice all four in a single maneuver of a heroic charge, extra attacks, and rapid strikes; you're welcome, dino-buddy!
Finally, with a moment's rest, we find some comms, but they are like outta power so we have to solve a brain bender of a puzzle involving the function f(x) = 2^x, and it lasts for all of several seconds! I was mentally exhausted!

After Action Report

  • The "Living metal" suits have several almost ablative DR that heals when exposed to metal. I'm still afraid to get hit even knowing that I can take quite a few hits, like Emperor Point seems to have taken in stride.
  • I also packed lightly, not realizing I was going to get a ton of Lifting ST from the living metal. Oh well. If I woulda known that it had a bunch of Lifting and Striking ST built in, I woulda saved points by only buying HP instead!
  • I earned 4 Character points and 2 Impulse points. I dunno what to do with them though... thinking some fast-draw, flawless fast-draw, quick sheathing, and off-hand weapon training might be helpful.
  • This is also my first time playing anything north of TL 8, so I feel pretty fish outta water, but hey, survived one session!

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