Friday, January 13, 2017

Recap: Silly Romperoo, Season 1 Episode 11

A very routine victory.
The party... basically performed.



Provided Portrait.
Nanako was not originally named Nanako, she used to be someone else, and was a well educated in mystic archery noble warrior of a wood elven court. She was the Seventh of Seven elven warriors chosen to defend a poor village against The Evil. The villagers were poor and could pay only in rice, and when Nanako heard about treasure she ran off to check for it and left her flank of the village unguarded. The Elf Lord wasn't so happy, so he took away her name (renaming her Nanako), title, and made her swear to own no more than she could carry. He also took away all the treasure she found to. There, you might not do anything with it, but my horrible backstory


A Musketeer and two handed swordswoman with an unusual pedigree. 
Provided Portrait


An unusually youthful student of the Kabbalah, a fact hidden by his head of grey hair, Isaac Cordovero was amongst the most gifted students of the lot, displaying an affinity for the Sephirah Chokhmah to the extent of displaying talent even in the most hidden arts. However, his relative inexperience with life - not even forty years of age - had him passed over for the position of Rebbe at the Yeshiva and told to experience life to its fullest in order to gain a complete understanding of the nature of Ein Sof, as required of the greatest thaumatologists.
Brashly confident in his powers, Isaac chose to join an adventuring party, hoping to bring fame and glory to the Yeshiva and, above all, to the thaumatologist's art. He crawls dungeons, the loot secondary to his greater aspirations.
Gar From Heroquest.


Provided portrait for
A powerful barbarian who wields thrown javelins and a two-handed sword. Since he was a child, Gar had lived in his village nestled deep within the Blackwood. There, he was raised on a steady diet of weapons training, war parties, and hunting festivals. By age 16, his village was raided by a rival tribe and the blame was placed solely on him. Exiled from his home, Gar set out into the world outside of the Blackwood in hopes of finding another place to call home. But, that was over 12 years ago.


A mage who also specializes in rituals. More powerful than Isaac, but not as fast.


The party revives the orc they took prisoner and Isaac, Salvatore, and Sue interrogate it. It tells it that the orcs and the dinomen are working together but it doesn't know what the dinomen want with the girl; they were just hired because dinomen are not great fighters. It is let go and told to try to convince the other orcs to leave as well.
The party decides to change direction and heads back to the huge slime room and run into a few more  erupting slimes and a siege beast. Salvatore and Nanako defeat the slimes while Sue runs interference. Meanwhile Isaac slows down the Siege Beast that comes up from behind, Salvatore slows it down by using a charm to make the terrain worse, and Gar waylays it in hand to hand combat. As the party begins to turn attention to the siege beast, the erupting slimes get a few easy shots at the party from behind before collapsing from the heavy ordinance laid on them earlier. At the end of the fight, Isaac fails a post-combat shakes roll and acquires the new mental quirk "despises slimes."

After Action Report

  • What Went Well
    • Everyone in the party got to put their talents to use.
    • The fight went well without a lot of hiccups.
  • What could have gone better?
    • The Interrogation of the orc seemed slow to some of the players, especially those that didn't have as much involvement. I am not sure if there is a good way to move things along. I feel like as a GM that it went well enough, at certain intervals I rolled to see if the orc would reasonably have a good answer to the question being asked or not, and happened to get a lot of bad rolls so even with a good reaction roll, it wasn't as helpful as it could have been.
    • Similarly, some turns seemed too long. A few times, I had to resort to All out defense for a player that was absent, a few times they would say something right before I was going to skip their turn. Maybe I need a good stopwatch or stopwatch app to better enforce the 1 minute turn rule instated earlier.
    • Role playing was a bit subdued this session, with most results being more purely mechanical callouts of "The enemy aims; I attack the eyes, etc." I think this is a problem of the dungeon being so combat oriented, but I'll try to give more interesting descriptions of enemy actions in the future.
    • One player was either very bored or just tired and fell asleep from time to time. Maybe the game isn't right for that player? Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, sometimes a game for beginners might be too easy for a veteran player, maybe the timezone isn't a good match, or maybe it's just real life being a drain. I'm not going to pass judgement because of that.

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