Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Recap: Void Ventures - Session 4

The one where we fight Sierpinski's cube.
This was the boss.


  • Emperor Point - A Mechasaurus Rex!
  • IvanovotMk 64 - A robot with a brain!
  • Jason - A gun expert!
  • Jezebel - (Me) a catgirl swashbuckler!


After walking away from the exploded building, we find another survivor fighting against zombies by his lonesome. It's Jason, a guy who is good at guns! We help clean up with him and then follow robobud's signal and find some supplies. A new sword, some guns, and a living metal suit upgrade for one member.
After divesting the goods as best as possible, we followed Robobud's signal further and discovered a huge crater it was telling us to go inside. We are then attacked by a tentacley cube. Well, attacked, I'm not sure. It teleports Robobud someplace else, and then Jason and I wait to see what happens. It then, beyond a shadow of a doubt attacks us, that's when we strike back. Jason and I dodging tentacles and appearifying blobs of attack radius [using the rules for Chanbara dodging to get out of the AoEs]. Jason focuses on the main cubes while I focus on the tentacles. After doing enough damage to both, Jason somehow recovers Robobud, and my bashing of the tendrils destroys the beast.

After Action Report

I learned that I've been doing the cumulative penalties for Chanbara dodges slightly wrong in my favor, but that's good. GM says we are about halfway done. All right. Session was a bit short; we apparently accidentally solved the puzzle too quickly.

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