Friday, February 17, 2017

Recap: Void Ventures - Session 3

Dinosaur Explosion
The one about the house full of things we kill, and then the dinosaur dies.


  • Emperor Point - A Mechasaurus Rex! He dies.
  • IvanovotMk 64 - A robot with a brain!
  • Jezebel - (Me) a catgirl swashbuckler!


After destroying the bubbly ceiling, we start falling as the floor disappears. We are attacked mid-flight, but defeat the enemy, and then hit the ground suddenly, but don't take any damage. While here, our suits regenerate DR by absorbing metal passively, but suddenly we are attacked. After we level the enemy, the last one starts alerting us that the facility is going to blow, so we exit to the south. Our apparent objective, the ECS, whatever that is, in plain sight I snatch it, but enemies start piling in. Dinobot heroically sacrifices himself to save the party, and the building goes up in a blaze of ordinance.

After Action Report

Dinobuddy's player lost his char sheet because of some bad stuff that happened with an online cloud service, so him and the gm orchestrated the heroic sacrifice. We expect a character surrogate in the upcoming session.

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