Friday, April 28, 2017

City Stats, Boardroom and Curia: Tumador Colony and City Hall

These are the notes for a campaign that I am currently taking part in. The colony that my character is helping to manage, and the town hall he has to work with.

Tumador (637 AF)

Population: 230 (Search -2)

Physical and Magical Environment

Terrain: Plains
Appearance: Attractive (+1)Hygiene: -1
Normal Mana(Rare Enchantment)

Culture and Economy

Language: MaenadLiteracy: Native
TL: 4
Wealth: Average (x1)Status: -1 to 2

Political Environment

Government: Feudal, Colony
CR: 2 (Corruption +0)
Military Resources: $1840Defense Bonus: +0


Tumador is a Maenad colony in the new world. It is built on the northern shore of the Gulf of Tumador with forests to the East with a bugbear cult, mountains to the west held by a goblin tribe calling themselves the Golden Warriors and plains stretching far to the North. The settlement has two important industries so far: first is cultivating wild tobacco found in abundance on this continent, and second is the trade of precious metals the golden warriors have extracted from a seized dwarven mine for finished metal products. The town has also finished building a stone temple and will probably work towards developing medical or military facilities next. There is also a sister colony, Lotrildo a few hundred miles south of the gulf, and a rival colony of the Viril-Aventus is being established on the other side of the Golden Warrior's mountains on the peninsula northwest of the gulf.

Tumador Town Hall

Mission Statement: To meet the civic needs of our small but growing community.


TL: 4Members: 6
Wealth: Comfortable
Contacts: Administration-15[10], Area Knowledge-15[10], Law-15[10], Politics-15[10], Diplomacy-21[4]
Member Traits: Legal Immunity[10], Sense of Duty (Tumador)[-5], Workaholic[-5]
Notable Resources: The acting governor, for unknown reasons, has an unusually good command of finances, and has bankrolled several important civil institutions, such as the high quality smithing workshop, and a sizable portion of the temple.
Reaction Time Modifier:+3, This is, on average, approximately 1/2 day to 5 days.

Costs and Values

Startup Cost: $165,888Resource Value: $829.44
Patron Value: 10Enemy Value: -15
Ally and Dependent Value: Politicians and civil servants with points invested into social, political, administrative abilities, with very little invested in other adventuring pursuits. Allies might range from 100 to 200 points.

Social Attributes

Type: Government
CR: 3Loyalty: Good (13)
Rank: Administrative 0-2 [5/level]
Income Range:$800 (Average) to $4,000 (Very Wealthy)
Reputation:+0 The people have no complaints, nor any particular praise for the young city government.


Acting Governor Teodor is generally popular, but the townhall is still too young to have much of a reputation, good, bad, or otherwise. Regardless of the speed of the institution, Teodor, and acting superior of the local military establishment, Captain Jackson Grackle are often able to mobilize much quicker than the expected average turnarounds in the face of urgency.


  1. A good organization to define is typically the town watch, but seeing the population and CR, the watch is going to be a Fantasy mall cop.

    1. The other pc in the campaign is responsible for the military, and he said he might want to stat out his organization by himself, so that's why I went with the town hall, as my pc is acting governor. We also have an apparently large farming community that might be thought of as a guild, but I think they come across less as a corporation and more like a loose common interest.


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