Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pseudobot: Index search

I added a book index search to Pseudobot, my Discord chat bot.
For example:

Pseudonym-Today at 10:30 AM

@Pseudobot lookup index sword

PseudobotBOT-Today at 10:30 AM

@Pseudonym: Found 29 result(s). Showing 10
Broadsword loadout, DF13:8, DF13:33
Shortsword/smallsword loadout, DF13:21, DF13:45
Shortsword-and-main-gauche loadout, DF13:27, DF13:50
Smallsword-and-cloak loadout, DF13:27, DF13:50
Sword loadouts. See Rapier-and-Buckler Loadout
Sword-and-cloak loadout, DF13:10, DF13:34
Sword-and-shield loadout
    knight, DF13:20, DF13:44
    bard, DF13:10, DF13:34
Two-handed sword loadout
    knight, DF13:21, DF13:44
    barbarian, DF13:9, DF13:33
Sword-and-buckler man character type, DF15:17
Golem-armor swordsman, DF2:24
So, yeah, add Chen to discord, and you can look through a buncha books real fast.

1 comment:

  1. You know, your ability to understand this vile machine tongue amazes me. I even look at simple coding and I go crossed eye heh.


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