Thursday, January 25, 2018

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

We are living in a decent timeline
What a week it were.

What was happened?

There is a post from Gaming Ballistic about AP economy which is interesting, but doesn't get very committal. Thoughtful nonetheless, I might experiment with the concepts in a later game. The guy who posts tokens on his blog posted another token, which is useful. Pyramid #3/111 came out, and I am neither here nor there on it. Some articles that are good primer for further investigation, some that aren't useful to me, but nothing that is gonna turn my games upside down. The GURPS news page updated. Which is neat. Two months in a row. A lot of really good sounding stuff on the horizon.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

I found an easy way to run pseudobot in a debug and release mode concurrently, so that means any improvements I make are gonna be less disruptive in the future, probably. I had a player join a game I am running a few weeks ago show up for the first time this week, and somehow the game defied his expectations when he sat down to play, so he left within minutes. I guess I'll double check my communication in the future. I thought it was self evident from the invite that the game wasn't serious, but I can do better next time.
That said, this game is definitely far overstaying its welcome, it's been "almost done" since December now. I think if this illustrates anything, it's the old adage, "no game is better than a bad game;" I need to probably put a bit more effort into getting the right players to run the games I want to run so that they can play the game they want to play, instead of having a GM that is only half present running a game that is just ok, for a buncha players that are half present playing a game because it was the most convenient. Meh, that's the tricky part. Maybe I should resolve this year to run one adventure where I don't feel like "I lost (I wasted time; players were clearly bored; etc.)" at the end. I hope my future potential players read this and say "wow, what a load of deflective p--p" "This sounds like the kind of GM I want to run a game that I want to play."

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