Thursday, February 1, 2018

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Let's pop together.
A week about things.

Neat Things

I kinda like this thing from Dungeon Fantastic. I agree with the idea that hitting prone targets feels weird. Generic Universal Eggplant's monster stats are pretty neat. The ability is cool... but the monster seems a bit weak... Might just get smooshed before it can do anything. I think giving it some ambush powers might tune it up.

Patreon Stuff

Since I got some new patrons, I have picked up a domain name and a VPS. I've ported Pseudobot from ".Net Framework" to ".Net Core," which wasn't really bad at all, but makes it so that I can run the little lady on Linux. My internet connection on my home pc flakes out from time to time, or my pc restarts when I'm not looking to get some updates, so the new hosting is noticeably more stable. Not wanting to squander the advantages of having a VPS, I am looking to develop some web apps and maybe my blog content over as well. Though, this tutorial for running a .Net site on Linux seems d*ng convoluted. I need to get myself in the state of mind to do that. In any case, if I get a site running, you can expect that I can create some stuff that I can't right now by the limitations of a chatbot. Stuff that requires more complex inputs and outputs, or some manner of persistence.
It's just the setup part I don't like.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

Had a game session this week. It was a pretty brutal fight for the players. Three bum-rushed a 16 strong swarm of zombies. It was a fight, tooth and nail to get out alive, but no one was downed permanently, so cool.
I got some cool ideas I think in my "Dinosaur Hunter" planning. Some (like my alchemy system) might be good enough for publishing if I can solidify them further (and get over how gross the SJ games MS Word template is.) A lot of other stuff is "scaffolding" fan-content based on inspirational IPs, so maybe I can release those as posts for the blog and separate it from the pure OC.
Work has been up and down, I'm about to finally, February 2nd, start my first sprint work of 2018. I get a kinda anxiety when I don't know if I should take on a big project, a small project or what when I have no indication of when to expect the next "drop everything and get this out yesterday," announcement, so the return to some regularity is welcome for now.
Anime has been better than usual recently.

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