Friday, January 15, 2016

Encounter: Green Requiem

Annoying heal-bot, the second
Yesterday, I made a heal bot that was unfortunately, too powerful for what I was shooting for, so today, I'm gonna start from scratch with a type of heal bot that has a nominal heal ability. Let's see that heal ability, and then the encounter.

So, I think a 2d6 heal is what I'm looking for. Using information from Powers, and Sorcery, I came up with the following:
Medium Healing (+115%): Heal (Affects Self, +50%; Cannot restore crippled limbs, ‑10%; Capped, 4 FP, ‑15%; Injuries Only, ‑20%; Magical, ‑10%; Reduced Fatigue Cost 4, +80%; Ranged, +40%) [86]
Ok, let's plug that into the CER template.

Attack Skill0Active Defense0
Affliction0Damage Resistance0
Fatigue Points0Hit Points6
Total Offensive Rating (OR)0Total Protective Rating (PR)6

Cool, this ability is a lot less valuable than the other healing ability. When used, roll against IQ + talent, success means target recovers 2d HP. As normal, penalties for cumulative healing apply. This never costs FP.
So let's see, taking some work from yesterday and adjusting it a bit, this guy does a cutting tip slash with his hat, so almost similar to striker sharp claws, and because the stats are low enough, we can give him the evasiveness I wanted yesterday... let's give him a dodge of 12, and 5 HP, and give him the flight that will generally mean doubled move:
Attack Skill0Active Defense8
Affliction0Damage Resistance0
Fatigue Points0Hit Points1
Total Offensive Rating (OR)8Total Protective Rating (PR)9
OK, so we are at 17, that's just a little shy of the level I want. Let's bump up dexterity a bit to increase attack skill, and perhaps give it a bit of will.

Attack Skill4Active Defense8
Affliction0Damage Resistance0
Fatigue Points0Hit Points1
Total Offensive Rating (OR)14Total Protective Rating (PR)11

Cool, he's right where I want him... or her. 25 is a nice starting point for a weak healer that can be scaled up for stronger adventurers, and a challenge for the weaker 250 point or stronger 125 point templates.
Putting its stats together:
ST: 5HP: 5Speed: 7
DX: 14Will: 10Move: G7, A14
IQ: 10Per: 10
HT: 10FP: 10SM: -4
Dodge: 12Parry: 8DR: 0
Hat Scratch (14): Reach C, 1d-5 cutting
Medium Heal (15): 1/2D 10, Max 100, Acc 3, RoF 1, Shots N/A, and Recoil 1. Green Requiem can roll against 15 (with a cumulative penalty of -3 for each time a target has been healed, and a -2 if target is unconscious) Mind distance penalties. Success heals 2d HP.
Traits: Enhanced Dodge 2, Healing Magery 5, Sharp Hat (Sharp Claws refluffed)

Other Notes

This heal bot is roughly half the power level of yesterday's but is actually a bit more resilient; Lies, and statistics. It doesn't have the ability to annoyingly come to though every second, so putting it down for a long temporary without a lethal blow is possible. Obvious power ups to make it stronger are compartmentalized mind to heal more disparate targets, the aerobatics skill to increase dodge, or Area of Effect to heal many allies in a given area. Giving it a decent melee attack might be useful because of its ability to duck in or out from opponents. It has a human like intelligence so negotiating with it might be within a player's reach. Someone that could impress a spirit compulsed to heal might have an edge, like someone with the healer talent, or who takes a non-violent approach to the encounter. It could easily be strengthened with a few points in brawling or strength with a good enough speed to attack and step out of range.


  1. Dangit, you release those on the Infinite Worlds and Sora is gonna have to come clean things up! :P

  2. Or anyone that can afford a pretty good deceptive attack.


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