Monday, July 4, 2016

Racial Template: Walrus-Folk

Some art from an obscure
game I never played.
I like when players choose unique races for their characters. I think though that there aren't enough incentives oftentimes to choose a race... but maybe that's just Dungeon Fantasy where almost anyone can eventually do anything anyway if they try hard enough.
With that observation out of the way, and despite it, today I write up a Walrus-Folk template for Dungeon Fantasy. Let's go bravely into this darkness.


So, I mostly start off with some ideas from the Minotaur template in Dungeon Fantasy 3 and my fish-man template from earlier, with some polar accents. Let's see how that goes.


25 points
Attribute Modifiers:  ST+1[9] IQ-1[-20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers:  Per+1 [5]. 
Advantages:  Amphibious[10]; Breath-Holding 5[10]; Damage Resistance 2 (Tough Skin, -40%)[6]; Gigantism[0]; Speak Underwater[5]; Striker (Tusks; Impaling; Limited Arc, Straight Ahead, -40%; Long, +1 SM, +100%) [13] Terrain Adaptation (One of Ice or Snow)[5]
Disadvantages: Appearance(Unattractive)[-4]; Bad Temper (12) [-10]; Very Fat[-5]
Perks: Walrus Camaraderie† [1]
Features: Temperature Comfort Zone 15° to 70°, Armor is incompatible with most races.

Walrus Camaraderie is a boon that allows free training in walrus communities for naturally inclined templates. Free as in money price is waived, points are still paid. Suitable templates include Barbarian, Druid, Shaman, and maybe Scout, or Wilderness Guide. This perk is specialized by template name.


The walrus can purchase a power-up similar to the Minotaur's Longhorn on p.43 of Dungeon Fantasy 11 except applying to tusks. Try imagining what that looks like, if you will. Besides that the following seem fair:
  • Fit and Fat[5] - A walrus that is involved in several strenuous adventures (let's say 3) can buy Very Fat down to a feature level. All positives and minuses of Very Fat still apply, but the player may now buy HT beyond 12 up to a racial maxima of 20.
  • Fit[5] - A walrus needs to have a minimum HT of 13 before being allowed to buy this advantage, which is otherwise unaffected.
  • Temperature Tolerance - A Walrus who spends a month outside of the high end of his comfort zone can purchase this advantage for heat. This requires no training costs.
  • Additional specializations of Walrus Camaraderie.
  • Enhanced Move, aquatic environments, up to 1 level.
  • Two additional levels of Damage Resistance (Tough Skin) for 3 points each
  • A second terrain adaptation

Other Thoughts and Closing

I think it's kinda interesting how cheap this template came out. I don't know if the walrus perk is underpriced, but let me know what you think if you don't like it. I think this is a template with a lot of usability that makes it something that someone might want to pursue, at least, I hope I accomplished that.

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