Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Looks like one of the
players forgot to read the
setting background before
making a character.
For you, it was the day I looked your character sheet up and down, reminded you we weren't using that magic system, vetoed your use of Sorcerous Empowerment without an Unusual Background, and told you to start over. For me, it was just last GURPSday.

Blog Things That Happen to Other People

TheRyujin gave a shout out to some of his favorite GURPS blog, mine among others, that's a nice feeling! Don't Forget Your Boots has another interesting list of RPM spells, this time, gun themed. Mailanka's Musings is doing some pretty detailed construction of martial arts styles which is helpful, even if I am not a hardcore fan of the sci-fi genre... well, it's more like the genre intimidates me, it seems really hard to make a convincing setting and game with so much scope. Northport has an interesting editorial on magic in GURPS, I don't have much to add to it, but it caught my attention, and thought it was worth pointing out. Ravens N' Pennies has a really cool new spell demoing Incantation Magic. I like it because it shows an interesting twist on mechanics and it is inspiring to see unique or novel effects. I also noticed this session report on Dice and Lives, and I'll need to take a closer look later, I've been interested recently in running a fantasy TL0 campaign.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

Traffic is skyrocketing, and I am back on track towards record numbers again, so thanks everyone for reading. I shouldn't really care so much about hit counts, but they are always in the back of my mind. Either way, even my one bad month was still second best in terms of traffic.
My most popular post this week are this comparison of Ritual Path Magic to Incantation Magic. It wasn't too hard because I already compared Energy Accumulation to Effect Shaping earlier. My review of Dungeon Fantasy 19, the book which contains Incantation Magic was the second most popular. Also, my post from just yesterday on using the rules for building a resistance organization is already the third on the list. It's funny because a player asked for advice on how to do it, and I feel like all I did was link page numbers with information, but I guess people find stuff like that really helpful.
In the real world, life hasn't been great, it's been pretty aggravating in fact, but it is more of a death by 1,000 papercuts than any single one bad thing. But meh, too personal for the WWW. Among the straws on this camel's back is it is getting really hard to get a schedule nailed down for meeting with my real life group. I'm thinking of creating a pickup style game to run online to tide me over until I can get everything working in real life. 


  1. I agree with you on the intimidating scope of sci-fi games. That's one reason I chose it as my primary focus: we have plenty of tools for modern action, horror, or fantasy. We seem to lack good worked examples and tools for sci-fi settings, which is a shame as GURPS is one of the better systems for those sorts of settings.

    1. If anything can do it, GURPS is probably well equipped. To me making a single small town interesting is difficult enough, but to make a town in a county in a province in a country on a planet in a galaxy interesting baffles me.

    2. I think you'll enjoy Iteration 6, then.


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