Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

New Dungeon Fantasy book!
Is that a GURPS in your bonnet, or are you just delighted to see me?

New Blogs?

If I missed it, I'm sorry, but it seems new to me, RPG Snob. Though not brand new brand new, the blog covers GURPS thoughts among other things. The content seems to cover thoughts and reflections on fundamental mechanics and doesn't seem to cleave too strongly one way or another to a particular genre or GURPS line. Generally not a lot of new stats or house rules, but mostly a focus on interesting rules.
We also have moelane which is entirely an all purpose hobby blog, but with GURPS content from time to time. There is a lot of new content in the form of built up fictional Martial Arts styles, some universes for the official Infinite Worlds setting, and reviews here and there. From what I see flipping through the GURPS tag, lots of stuff catches my attention.

This Week in Blogsville

If you are at all entrenched in the hobby, the Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter is still the hottest thing around. I got the widget up on my site as of writing, and it looks like we are at 71k/100k towards hitting the goal, with 22 days left. Steve Jackson Games have negotiated much better European shipping rates and have come up with some more interesting stretch goals, so that's cool. It's like they are actually listening to the concerns of their fans.
In other interesting news, Dungeon Fantastic has started (and maybe finished?) a small series on what parts of Dungeon Fantasy easily translate to other games. I think that Wilderness Adventures is a hidden little treasure that would work awesome in almost any game where traveling is a major theme. Gaming Ballistic has a pretty long interview with Sean Punch on the aforementioned Kickstarter. I started watching, but I haven't finished it yet because something came up. The Mook has an interesting lessons learned post on GMing. I believe you learn a lot more from the mistakes you realize you made then anything else, so it's cool seeing what the experts I put on pedestals still have to learn. Finally, Ravens N' Pennies is featuring a variety of interesting posts provided by Chris himself, as well as several guest posters. All of it interesting, so I'm just gonna link the blog and let you look through it.

Other Thoughts and Self Reflection

After a weak month in August, I had two really successful posts. The first was this Ritual Path Magic cheat sheet. I might have a childish aesthetic sense, but I really like the way I got it to come together and the colors to help differentiate. My reviews of Fantasy, Imbuements, and Alternate GURPS II were also really popular. Alternate GURPS II got tons of comments, probably because there is a lot of different cool stuff in that issue, so it has a bit of something for everyone, or a lot of something for some? Oh, and weirdly, Russians looking for "пинки пай веселая" are finding my site. I'll let you type that into google to see why that's amusing to me.
Oh, and really excited about Dungeon Fantasy 19, the book in the thumbnail at the top. If you read my bog, you know I love Ritual Path Magic and Dungeon Fantasy, so this book wasn't even an impulse purchase, this was like a reflexive (+20%) purchase that happened before I could register the words I was reading on my screen when it came out. Haven't given it a thorough read through, but the random flipping through makes it sound like something old RPM fans can enjoy, while still being novel and really well customized to suit the Dungeon Fantasy style.


  1. I meant to comment on your review of Fantasy, but the darn comment widget stuck itself in a loop where I could never get the comment to post.

    1. Dang, I don't have any control over it, but thanks for reading!


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