Saturday, December 10, 2016

Powers: (Inspired by) Hitmonlee

Leg Warmers
Probably the better of the two.


Prevents paralysis.
Immunity To Paralysis[10]


Powers up recoil attacks. Again, in GURPS, this is mostly the ability to do strong slams. Probably use the Ramming Speed perk and Basic Move (Only for slam calculations, -80%)[1] abilities to stat this out.


Makes a pokemon faster if they are carrying less... but this mechanic is actually a fundamental component of the GURPS system already.

Mega Kick

A strong attack that occurs when kicking. This is probably best represented as a Follow-Up for kicking.
Crushing Attack 6d (Costs Fatigue, 2 FP, -10%; Follow-Up, Kicks, +0%)[27]
Yeah, it's expensive, but it is also powerful. I put a high fatigue cost as well because the move doesn't have a lot of PP, heck, 4 FP might even be more appropriate.

Rolling Kick

This is a nominal attack that might cause an opponent to flinch, or be stunned in GURPS parlance.
Affliction (HT; Follow-Up, Kicks, +0%)[10]

Jump Kick

Interestingly, the similarly named technique in GURPS is probably similar mechanically, but you may also want to add additional follow-up damage with a max of probably... 3d, subtracting a typical 2d that one might already deal.

Brick Break

It deals damage and pierces shields. Use the Penetrating Weapon sorcery from Sorcery but change the limitation "weapons only" to "unarmed only" and you'll have a similar effect.

High Jump Kick

Stronger version of Jump Kick. Following the formula, this has a max follow-up damage of 4d+2.

Mind Reader

"Next attack is guaranteed to hit." Not as powerful, but Evaluate might work.

Wide Guard

Protects allies for this turn. In Pokemon this is specifically only for attacks that can hit multiple targets, but that's a little weird (might be a -30% on DR or something) so instead, let's just make a Wall of DR.

Wide Guard

Keywords: None
Full Cost: 75 points for level 1. 15 Points/level thereafter.
Casting Roll: None, Use Innate Attack to aim
Range: 100 yards
Duration: 10 seconds
For the next 10 seconds, a wall with 18 DR and 3 HP with a length determined by level. At level 1 it is 6 yards wide, at level 2 it is 12 yards, at level 3, 24 yards, and so forth, doubling at each level.
Statistics: Crushing Attack 6d (Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Increased 1/2d, 10x, +15%; Persistent, +40%; Sorcery, ‑15%; Wall, Shapeable, Rigid, +60%) [75].
Notes: Each additional level increases the value of area effect, which is affected by the wall enhancement to make the wall longer instead of making a bigger circle. A 1 yard hole can be punched through any section if it accrues 3HP of damage.

Blaze Kick

Burning attack with high critical ratio. This is an application of the Incendiary weapon imbuement and the alternate version of Daredevil. Incendiary weapon is an affliction enhancement equal to +340%, and Higher critical hits is an imbuement worth +135% after the magical modifier is added to it, for a total of +475%.

Blaze Kick

Keywords: Buff, Leveled
Full Cost: 58 points for level 1, 8 points/level thereafter. See notes for leveling instructions.
Casting Roll: None, Use Innate Attack to aim
Range: 100 yards
Duration: 3 minutes
For the next 3 minutes, kick attacks are incendiary, and they do critical hits on a roll of 7 or less. See Incendiary Weapon in Power-Ups 1 - Imbuements for more information.
Statistics: Affliction 1(HT; Accessibility, Only For Kicks, -20%; Advantage, Blaze Kick Package, +475%; Increased 1/2d, 10x, +15%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, ‑15%) [58].
Notes: See p. 9 of Imbuements to see what each level may buy you. There are basically two dimensions to this ability - Every two levels can buy a flammability shift, or 1 level can increase the amount of extra burning damage dealt.


The move makes a pokemon not faint as easily. In GURPS, this is extra levels of Hard to Kill, Hard to Subdue, or HT.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

That's a lot of abilities, but most of the work is already done, as most of these moves seem to simply allow the user to use options that are fundamental GURPS mechanics. Ah well, count myself lucky today, I guess.


  1. You know, he's one of my favorites too. Something about his slinky legs have always amused. Also made me think of how much it would suck to get kicked by one... which admittedly would be amusing to watch.

    1. Well, Hitmonchan didn't get enough STAB abilities I think, so it just feels like a weaker choice overall.


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