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Character Building: Jezebel Schwarz, Futuristic Swashbuckler Cat Girl

So ultra-tech!
TL 12, the setting is "doom inspired" and the only thing to consider is fighting. I haven't even gone past TL 8 as a GM or a player. Today, let's try walking through recycling some templates from the TL3~4ish world of Dungeon Fantasy to some far flung brutal interstellar backdrop!


Well, there isn't much of a backstory, the plot is, we are fighting for our lives in a weird everything went wrong sorta situation. The direction us players are given is to make something good at fighting and forget the rest, oh and make it "edgy" which I translate to "annoyingly embarrassing to talk about with friends and family," so catgirl and a not very good Touhou it is! So, I just happen to be a catgirl with a swashbuckler template, because... I am a lithe and acrobatic space explorer type. That's good enough for me! Now let's take a look at how we use a template.

Applying the Swashbuckler Template

First thing, we start with the Swashbuckler template. The GM recommends using wildcard skills, so I'll do that, and swap out skills as suggested. In most GURPS lines, after the templates, there is a section called customization notes that gives a good idea of which direction to go with choices to better focus it, so let's follow the advice here... and to be honest, it feels a bit wishy washy for the Swashbuckler! Oh well, let's choose things under the "offense" recommendations. My GM tells me that Nanothorn blades mean I can focus on a mundane sword type if I like, and so I will focus on Broadsword for my obligatory Enhanced Parry and Weapon Master. Among my optional advantages, I squeeze in my racial template for now, even though I have far more than 250 points. It technically puts me 5 points over, but I take the multi-strike single skill broadsword extra attack level. I keep in mind if I do everything right, I'll actually be at 255 points spent at the end... but then I realize that my race and my job both have Combat Reflexes as compulsory, so I remove one to save 15 points, giving me ten more points to work with... meh, can't find something that fits exactly into 10 points for now, so I mentally note, I'll probably be at about 240 points spent at the end.
Making sure I don't choose an overlapping advantage or disadvantage, I choose disadvantages from each of the buckets carefully. I try to coordinate a cocky theme, but run out of choices in that vein after getting so many, so I temper it a bit with some disadvantages that point towards some kinda respect for friendship as well. Using GCS and the templates, this is done in very little time.
Next, I throw on the Swashbuckler! wildcard skill following the recommendations in Dungeon Fantasy 1, deleting the superfluous skills, and some social skills since I'm told they are not important, I wind up with DX+1 Swashbuckler! and a handful of background skills.

Finishing it Off

Now I have 160 extra points. First I want to spend 12 extra to get Swashbuckler! to DX+2, important for my weapon master advantage, and because it controls brawling, boxing, and wrestling.
Next, I have to get Guns! up 12 points on the recommendation of my GM.
After that, I want to upgrade Combat Reflexes to Enhanced Time Sense.
Next, I level up broadsword skill, defaulting it to the Swashbuckler! wildcard.
I add some basic speed to make it an even number, and get permission to add flexible arms and 360 vision so I can hopefully parry in all directions, and a bit of extra ST for more damage and HP, cat-folks are low on it.
I think about some targeted attack techniques, and ask my GM if I need a skill like physiology to identify weak points, and he tells me I need a perk, so I get a home brewed perk for recognizing enemy weak points.
After taking those, I put the rest of my points into Extra attack and broadsword swings at skulls. I choose one quirk for now to make it fit. I'll choose some more quirks later when I figure out how many I need for signature gear to keep my sword safe.

Closing Thoughts

Meh, no idea how good or bad this is, but I tried. I can't learn unless I try. If I die, I die. I am also not sure about equipment, so I'll let my GM help me with that.

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  1. You had me at 'cat girl'. 'Swashbucker' (well, anything that uses swords) is just icing.


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