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Tables: Gunnifying Treasure Tables

Helpful book, and not too
difficult to customize.
Dungeon Fantasy 8 is a fun little book that makes a good shopping list for more ordinary Dungeon Fantasy campaigns, and a great impetus for crazy happenings in a very random Dungeon Fantasy campaign. I kinda want to move towards a TL4 kinda theme with the age of sail and swashbucklers and guns and the like, so I thought it might be fun to look over the things that TL4 might enable in Treasure Tables, but adding them in a way that doesn't ruin the book.

Basic Set Missile Weapons

This table on p.31 currently supports a 1/18 chance of each of many types of weapons. This change will make it so that the original 18 weapons have a 5/6 chance, and that 6 guns will have a 1/6 chance, making it slightly unbalanced in favor of the original weapons. Roll 1d,1d,1d, and if the first die is 1-5, then the second two correspond to the original two die in the table, otherwise, use this table. Alternatively, to give guns a small advantage, make the first number 5-6 instead of 6.

6,1,1-6Flintlock Pistol, .51$2003
6,2,1-6Wheel-Lock Pistol, .60$2003.25
6,4,1-6Matchlock Musket, .80$15020
6,5,1-6Flintlock Musket, .75$20013
6,6,1-6Blunderbuss, 8G$15012

Martial Arts Missile Weapons Table

I don't speak to this book often
But I do find it helpful.
This table doesn't have even odds on all items, so I'll feel a little less guilty about manhandling it. There are 10 weapons, some with a chance of 1/6, some with 1/12, and some with 1/18. There is no especially similar resource of weapons in Martial Arts for guns, so instead, I'll use guns from Low Tech. There are 31 different guns in Low Tech starting from p.91. This is almost a very desirable 36. I'll need to double up on 5 weapons to make it fit exactly. Similar to the previous table, I'll change this table to a roll 1d,1d,1d. Because there are a lot more guns in Low-Tech for low-tech settings than there are Missile weapons in Martial Arts, I'm going to approximate the 3:1 superiority in numbers as making it so that a 1-2 roll on the first dice means rolling the other two on the original table, anything else is as follows:

3-6,1,3Mr. Facing-Both-Ways Gonne$37010.8
3-6,1,4Ten-Eyed Gonne$92027
3-6,2,1Fowling Piece, Single$1359.5
3-6,2,2Fowling Piece, Double$17017
3-6,3,2-3Flintlock Carbine$2453.9
3-6,3,4Fusil de Chasse$1456.5
3-6,3,5Fusil Ordinaire$1506.5
3-6,4,1Puckle Gun$1,80090
3-6,4,3Wall Gun$42527.5
3-6,4,4Winged Tiger Gun$2206.5
3-6,4,5Dragoon Pistol, Heavy$1453.1
3-6,4,6Dragoon Pistol, Light$1402
3-6,5,1Duck's Foot Pistol$1501.9
3-6,5,2Highland Pistol$1352.75
3-6,5,3Military Pistol$2502.75
3-6,5,6Pocket Pistol$2600.7
3-6,6,1Queen Anne Pistol$1352.4
3-6,6,2Snaphaunce Pistol$1251.3
3-6,6,4Breechloading Carbine$2709.3
3-6,6,5Jäger Rifle$30011
3-6,6,6Jäger Rifle, Double-Barreled$50020
Good issue, all around if you
want to add divine favor
or guns to Dungeon Fantasy.

Other Thoughts

Pyramid 3/36 has two nominal Dungeon Fantasy templates to use guns even there, so this table is not completely unusable in even Dungeon Fantasy, if you want to use it. It adds another 16 guns, but it warns that the guns should be kept separate for the two different takes on gunpowder weapons in that issue because they both come from different approaches (one being a more reckless explosive template, and one being a more refined, disciplined template.) but meh, I'd probably throw them both in a table if I wanted and let chips fall where they may, but that's me. Also, I have this post from a little bit ago that integrates Dungeon Fantasy Treasure 2 into the Treasure Tables if you like this one.

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