Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pseudobot: Throwing and Slam Calculator

Added both slam and throwing calculators to Pseudobot. That's nice, because I hate remembering how to calculate them on the fly.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Patreon: Current Project Statuses

Pseudobot now runs on over 30 GURPS themed Discord
This month, I got some donations from one contributor (Nemoricus) and that's that. Besides that nothing.
In terms of other projects going on:

  • Better Pseudobot Documentation - Not Funded
  • Better Pseudobot Index Documentation - Not Funded
  • Mass Combat Calculator - Almost Complete with a fully functional pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha.
  • GMing - Running a casual campaign on the side to keep my gears oiled.
  • Setting Development: Working on mechanics for a low tech dragon/dinosaur stalking game. Got a lot of it together, but a lot of rough edges to iron out.
  • Fnord Command - Not Funded
  • Porting Pseudobot to Other Eco-systems - Not Funded

If you'd like to make a suggestion for something else you'd like to see in the pipeline, you can become a patreon or send a buck to paypal for one suggestion listened to and earnestly evaluated, and if I like it, either implemented or triaged for a patreon goal.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pseudobot: Index search

I added a book index search to Pseudobot, my Discord chat bot.
For example:

Pseudonym-Today at 10:30 AM

@Pseudobot lookup index sword

PseudobotBOT-Today at 10:30 AM

@Pseudonym: Found 29 result(s). Showing 10
Broadsword loadout, DF13:8, DF13:33
Shortsword/smallsword loadout, DF13:21, DF13:45
Shortsword-and-main-gauche loadout, DF13:27, DF13:50
Smallsword-and-cloak loadout, DF13:27, DF13:50
Sword loadouts. See Rapier-and-Buckler Loadout
Sword-and-cloak loadout, DF13:10, DF13:34
Sword-and-shield loadout
    knight, DF13:20, DF13:44
    bard, DF13:10, DF13:34
Two-handed sword loadout
    knight, DF13:21, DF13:44
    barbarian, DF13:9, DF13:33
Sword-and-buckler man character type, DF15:17
Golem-armor swordsman, DF2:24
So, yeah, add Chen to discord, and you can look through a buncha books real fast.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Pseudobot: Timer

It's a weirdly easy, but I'm also finding it, an extremely helpful thing to have programmed. It allows setting an arbitrary count of reminders simultaneously, so one person can track all the luck and abilities that require recharge that they want at a time. I've even just been using it for real life stuff. In any case, if you want to be able to set timers in your own discord server, just add Pseudobot and use the timer command.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pseudobot: More Sophisticated Dice Parser

Originally, Pseudobot's dice roller simply parsed an expression that could be described as "Dice Adds" EG:
That is a regular expression and doesn't fully allow for many possible combinations of dice rolling expressions someone might need quickly executed, so I rewrote the parsing logic to use a context free branching grammar. Thanks to some help last night, I rooted out all the major bugs and most of the minor ones, so feel free to roll dice with addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, exponents, and parentheses.
Oh, and behind the scenes, just for fun, I made this tool that converts the trees into graphviz syntax so you can see what it looks like for quicker debugging. The image is an example of the equation: 1d -2d +3d(4d/1d). And for layman, basically, the equation is solved in the correct order by solving the lowest pieces first and moving up.
Parsed version of 1d-2d+3d(4d/1d)
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