Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

The traditional weekly what's up in the GURPS-o-sphere post. Thursday is GURPSday and that means I post about what I'm thinking and what everyone else is doing. Let's see what's new.

These blogs seem New to me.

The Singing Lumberjack 

This blog is pretty new but looks to be doing some light-ish medieval fantasy world building. Statting out some characters and towns, and doing so with pleasant formatting.

Game in the Brain

A pretty meta blog that looks more focused on rules discussion and system tinkering. Seems something along the lines of the kind of discussions I like. I'll pay it some more attention.

Dice and Discourse

Another speculative blog on mechanics that waxes towards subjective and creative points. This too I need to put on my radar.

Other Observations

Celti's Chatter has been posting some interesting stuff recently. I wanted to reply to the Improvisation article, but I had nothing interesting to add to the discussion, so I refrained. I think The Mook is a really prolific GURPS contributor that just started blogging recently, and it's been some pretty enjoyable material as well. The collaborative gamer has begun reflecting on the completed world building series. Gonna give it another once-over soon. New blogs are being added even slower, though a lot of the new blogs are still somewhat historied, so that means there are still probably some that haven't been added to the roll.

Self Reflection

Didn't have a GURPS session this week, so I indulged myself with some GURPS books I wanted for a while. I'm thinking of doing a series on Mass Combat, but I feel like there isn't enough to really go on. Some Pyramid issues seem to have some good mechanical add-ons for it though, so I might need to take a look at those. Personal life is pretty busy, or rather, there was not enough going on for a few months that all of a sudden returning to normal feels overwhelming.
Traffic seems all over the place, February is still my best month in terms of traffic, but I don't have enough history to really tell by the numbers how things are going. Need to hit a plateau first I think.
I feel like I'm starting to get some interesting ideas for articles again, so I might not be so stressed trying to think of something to post anymore.

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