Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary

This week's GURPSDay summary.
In which Pseudoboo discusses his observations of the articles described in the GURPSDay summary.

The Collaborative Gamer

I have enjoyed looking at the tables put together before on his blog and he is now working through a worked example of using the tables. I like worked examples, and for the most part, that is the format of most of my blog posts. I look forward to seeing the conclusion of the series.

Further Up The Spire

A popular theme this week was describing the parts of summaries that other GURPS bloggers like, and Archon Shiva puts in two cents on that. I feel its super subjective. I might start putting summaries up soon though, so it's interesting to see what some people consider important.

No School Grognard

A session recap. Honestly, they feel really inaccessible to me unless I'm reading from the very very beginning, but some people like them, so that's cool. Glancing through, I like that Mark attempts to play the game his players want the way they want it. What's fun for one group is different from another, as I've said just a few sentences ago.

Southern Style GURPS

Lots of content that always looks pretty fair and pretty utilitarian. Like the random disadvantage table, one day I want to riff off that and just quickly add 16 more to make it 3d6 compatible.

Dungeon Fantastic

I too want to start using more reaction rolls for encounters.

RogerBW's Blog

A thorough dissection of Pyramid 86. Haven't read the issue myself yet, but I like a review that goes step by step through the content that helps decide if it is right for me.

Don't Forget Your Boots

Scrounging is a weird skill to me. I'm glad someone took the time to try illuminating it. It seems so important, but its application is so loosey goosey, I can't wrap my head around, "Can this guy scrounge up... a dollar? An herb? A sword? A horse? A WMD? Maybe I should take a stab at it!

RPG Jutsu

A relatively new blog, but everything here is gold.

Mailanka's Musings

I like the hands-on walkthrough to creating a setting going on here. I like the walkthrough of creating a template as well. A lot of detail. I have a few subjective qualms with the templates, but that's purely my opinion.

Final Notes

If I didn't mention a specific blog, it's not because I don't like it; rather I have nothing interesting to say about it. Indeed, some of the blogs I do mention, I didn't even know until I saw the summary. Going to be adding them all to my followed list shortly after posting this. As for my own blog, I'm having fun with my affliction series, and I feel like forcing myself to apply afflictions has helped my creativity a bit... Debbie Allen says, "But out of limitations comes creativity." I'm gathering that a lot of people like session summaries. Some people in this blogging circle prefer a kind of lessons learned thing, some people prefer a recap, some people prefer a poetic cinematic retelling. I think I might be doing recaps here soon, so I'm not sure what angle I'm gonna go for. Probably first and foremost, "an aid for my players," and then I'll see how many other extras I can squeeze in.

Precis - Summary of GURPSDay Articles and my reaction.


  1. (No School Grognard should be Mark, not Jeff. If it's not, I've something to go fix)


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