Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

It's GURPSday, let's take a look at what is going on in GURPSlife and GURPSfashion this week.

What new blogs are there in the roll this week? ... Nothing! No new blogs! Have we hit saturation? Dunno!

Other Observations

There's a bit of a thing going on about Danger Sense right now, which is pretty tricky to GM, and has a buncha gotchas, although, in theory it sounds like a good ability. I got nothing useful to say about it. I like Mook's lessons learned post on getting pdfs published; I've thought about it at times, but it seems a bit too expensive to me... I got a Laser Printer that works good enough, I guess. The Collaborative Gamer is starting a series on quick generation of monsters. Very interested in that, wondering if it's possible to come up with a system to generate something somewhat interesting. The answer is probably yes, but I imagine it is somewhat difficult to develop that workflow. A lot of stuff about After The End as well, seeings as it is the new hotness and it's been a long overdue thing. Dungeon Fantastic has another interesting post in the Patching Holes series.

Self Reflection

It has been an interesting week for me, I think. I got hit by a car while jogging, but it doesn't seem that serious, gotta get x-rays on Monday.
I want to do more five room dungeons. They are a bit challenging because they require a big time investment, but they are kind of fun to write.
I've started trying to get CER values for the Natural Encyclopedia, a popular unofficial GURPS bestiary. I've gotten so close to in the flow, that it is starting to get easy to calculate the CER, it's just there are so many, and it is still such a tedious exercise it burns me out fast. Still, I think having the CER values turns a valuable free resource into something even more useful, or at least, navigable.
It's kinda fun being able to rub elbows, so to speak with "important" GURPS people like +Christopher R. Rice or +Douglas Cole or all the other GURPS contributors. I don't feel like a dumb-dumb just firing my hypotheses into cyberspace without any feedback. I get useful constructive and positive comments from people who have made important critical contributions to the system I play, and that seems special to me... Not sure if it is just GURPS having a tightly knit community, or if this is a similar experience in all TTRPG blog-o-blobs.
I've made myself a private wishlist of GURPS supplements on Warehouse 23 so I can start prioritizing the items I want to buy and in what order. I'm such an impulse shopper though, afraid having a list of all the things that look the most awesome in one place will make me pull the trigger.
Besides getting hit by a car, an overall enjoyable week.


  1. I quite like your cross posts, by the way. They act as sort of an executive summary for people who don't want to wade through the whole of the GURPS blogosphere every Thursday, and their editorial format gives a bit of feedback to those of us who are making those posts. Thanks.

    1. Cool! I do it for a few big reasons:
      It's a reminder to me of what new blogs came out at what time, because I like linking them and adding them to my feed reader. It also forces me to look at them hard enough to come up with a summary so that I can anticipate which blogs generate the types of content I like. Fun thing about GURPS is there is such a huge amount of variety of content, that my subjective likes and dislikes don't mean GURPS is awesome, or GURPS is not awesome as a whole... though I subjectively believe that GURPS is awesome as a whole.
      It's a way for me to mention all the posts I really liked when I didn't have anything substantive to say about them, but a +1 or like doesn't feel like enough.
      And it's my personal weekly meta-post where I can go just slightly off topic and talk about me, or talk about how blogging is going, or the like.

      Interesting to hear other people enjoy them though!


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