Friday, April 22, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

I bought this this week, along
with Dungeon Fantasy Denizen 1. I now
have all the mainline Dungeon
Fantasy books.
Weekly summary post came out while I was wandering about in dreamland. Let's investigate!

There are no new blogs this week! But... this one, Hoploblog was started? Maybe it couldn't be added to the list since the list curator was travelling this week?

What Else Happened?

I like Game in the Brain a lot. It's a pretty eclectic range of topics, and it is usually a bit more meta so the ideas raised worked for many GURPS genres, and usually aren't even system dependent. I totally agree with the fact that the Merchant skill seems weirdly over capable, but my gamist spirit won't let me break it down. Ironemblem Gaming is testing the Howling Tunnels adventure that he put together a bit ago. That's kinda neat seeing the creative process from start to end like that, unless he's planning on doing an agile cycle, and making micro-improvements after tens of plays. No School Grognard posted a pretty cool cheat sheet for After the End. I think I'd like more similar cheat sheets for other systems. Also, I don't really like the typical post apocalyptic setting, but I keep hearing that After the End 2 has some really good setting agnostic mechanics. I want that and Action 2 eventually.

Self Reflection

This week had very little consistency, and I hit a bit of a writer's block again. I did write a ton of reviews that I had on the back burner though. For me though, reviews are low hanging fruit that are pretty easy to write up in a short amount of time when I can't think of anything better to write, so doing it all at once is exhausting my easy-come grist. 
Traffic dropped a lot, maybe because I did some weird articles? Maybe it's a coincidence? At the end though it picked way up again.
I'm not a great artist, but I'd like some help choosing a good mapping software for creating more "traditional" 5 room dungeons that actually have... rooms. The mook reviewed one you actually need to pay for, and it is cheap, but it is also in somewhat early development so not too sure. Hexographer creates maps with the super blatant hexagon aesthetic I like, but looks like it is tuned to outdoors mapping, and the sister dungeon mapping program they sell doesn't look like it has hexagons.


  1. FWIW, I look forward a great deal to these capsule "the week in review" posts.

    1. Thanks Friend! The meta-post is one of my most popular posts. Reviews and the more detailed monster stats are also pretty up there.


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