Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Another GURPSWeek, Another GURPSDay.
What's new this week?
Well, supposedly two new blogs, but one isn't in the summary post as of this writing, and the other I have been following for a while, because none of the ones listed stand out as new to me (Maybe Chainlink and Concrete?)
Oh and a new blog was added when this was updated a bit ago:

  • Set Adrift on 3d6 - This blog is a few things, but first and foremost seems to be a Dungeon Fantasy journal. The writer is also pretty open about the Social Contract with the players explaining which NPCs are important and which are not. I let my players usually decide who is important for themselves, but the biggest hint that *I* think they could be important is that they introduce themselves with a name. Besides the game recaps, the blog also has bits of editorials about elements of the system that the writer enjoys and things that could be improved. Kinda like a more thoughtful and less crunchy version of the content I tend to produce.

What Else?

As I posted earlier today, big updates for GCS and GURPS Calculator. I wish the description explained the functionality better, might need to investigate this myself. I liked this post on how to research a fantasy setting from Southern Style GURPS, very fundamental, but thoughtful. Dungeon Fantastic continued a trend of reviewing old adventures, which I appreciate, because I've been thinking about the Conan books for a while. Oh, and this post is extremely helpful from the Lands of Nandeme, an index of all the documented uses of skills in the mainline Dungeon Fantasy series.

Self Reflection

Traffic is down a bit this week. Boring posts? Busy time for students? Been getting a bit more comments this week and last though, which is always a nice pick-me-up. This index of forced adventuring disadvantages was really popular. I've got a bunch of reviews up in the top too. The crafting series on trying to come up with ideas to more easily spin up adjustments for weapons has also been popular.
I bought Other World Mapper which was recommended in the comments on my blog, and also by Mook. It's a decent start, but it needs a lot of things before it is very useful to me. I was able to submit some feedback that was considered on the beta buy-in forum though, so that's nice.
I threw out a random call for players on my facebook page, and some friends I never thought to ask (I always figured they'd enjoy playing, but they always sound so busy all the time) decided to commit, so that's exciting. Gotta plan for a new campaign now though.
I also found this one page distillation of the GURPS rules somewhere, pretty nifty if you want to get people accustomed to GURPS but the Characters book and Lite are both too much.


  1. Nah, not a newcomer this week - on my second one. If you check last weeks, though, the post has my "firsttimer bonus" of 25 of the then most recent posts put up if you're looking to sort up what's GURPS related by me.

    1. Yup yup, got you on the previous week, was just trying to understand the "two so far" comment in the original post.

  2. Great summary. Sorry about the sparseness of the blog post in regards to GCS Importing on gCalc, I suppose I just got caught up in release day stuff. :)

    On the blog post itself there is a link to the top that leads to a "how to import" section. That's really the best I have at the moment. I hadn't really considered that people would need more explanation, since it's GCS, but it stands the reason that I should have written _something_.

    You know, I think you're right. I'll write a more indepth post for next weeks' GURPS Day.

    1. Well, I know what GCS does and I use it for character sheets often, and I have an at-a-glance understanding of what GURPS Calculator does, it looks like a bunch of dice rollers and wuick lookups of more tedious/cumbersome GURPS formulas, but what I don't know is what the integration brings to the table. Is it online synching of sheets? Is it being able to easily choose to roll against certain skills or attributes? But I'll take a closer look myself to see if I can get my head around it.

    2. Jeff, I've only played around with your calculator a little bit, but I ran into something that stuck out (because I've been working with Throwing lately). ST12, BL of 29 and Weight of 1 should, from what I can figure on B550, give you a throwing multiplier of 3.5, which comes to 42 yards. This calculator was returning just over 101 yards.

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