Sunday, May 1, 2016

Treasure: Ring of Disease Resistance

In Game Art.
Kinda a writer's block, so a simple treasure, a ring that makes one immune to disease.

The flavor text of the item from Demon's Souls is as follows:
A soft ring bearing a dark purple seal. Increases defense against plague.
Made by Geri, a friend of Sage Freke, the Visionary, who is known for his magical handicrafts. The seal's design is a rat's claw.
 The item is based on the advantage Immune (Disease, Magical -10%)[9] Which when using the Sorcery system, translates to 6 EP, or enchantment points. This requires $50 in raw materials, $1,920 in labor, and $1,970 in markup to make a total price of $3,940. In comparison, using GURPS Magic, p.91, Resist Disease, and the parameters in Dungeon Fantasy for labor cost, the ring could cost $50,000 plus raw materials.

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