Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Treasure: Berserker Armor

I was asked to stat this out, and I'm not an expert at Berserk so I don't know exactly how accurate this is, but what the heck, let's try it out.


So there are a few key properties of this armor:
  • It drives people past the limits of will.
  • It makes the wearer go into a rage when it overtakes them and makes them hallucinate so they can't differentiate between friend and foe.
  • It slowly leads to mental deterioration.
  • It is self repairing
  • It allows one to work through crippling wounds
In GURPS terms it offers these advantages:
  • High Pain Threshold[10]
  • Injury Tolerance (Homogenous)[40]
  • Unkillable 1 [50]
  • Lots of DR... this might be inherent in the armor.
It also gives the following disadvantages:
  • Berserk (No self control)[-30]
  • Phantom Voices(Disturbing)[-10]
If we consider the group of definite advantages to be a 100 point meta-trait, then we can count the disadvantages as a -40% temporary disadvantage limitation.
The mental deterioration can be thought of as the Corrupting curse in Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables.
Thinking that Berserk is about early TL4 or early TL3, I'll go with TL4 to get the plate armor, and just taking the numbers from Low-Tech, a version that covers all parts of the body costs $12,000.
I want to use Sorcery's crafting system meaning I need to convert this advantage to an EP cost. It has a -40% limitation for the disadvantages it gives, and a -10% for the magical modifier. This modifier is key because it is one of the only ways to stop the effects once they have taken control. I'll add a half version of Always On, it sounds like the power can be turned on at will, but is really difficult to turn off (and that's only by forcing it off via the limitations of magic) and while on it is incredibly dangerous, so I think -20%. Altogether, this comes out to -70% in limitations, or 30 points.
Sorcery doesn't have an EP multiplier for armor, but looking at Basic Set, I come up with a number of x0.40 for being unbreakable, SM0, and Unique. This leads to 12 EP. This means the enchantment properties add another $4,380 to the armor, for a total of $16,380. 
The weight of the armor is 96, but because this item has an unimpressive price tag to me, I want to add the lighten enchantment from GURPS Magic (haha, crossing the streams.) Being TL4, this adds another $33,000 to the price, and changes the weight of the armor to 48 lbs. However, remembering the mental deterioration curse, the total price turns out to be $24,690.

Berserker Armor

This armor provides DR9 nominally. When its full power is invoked, the wearer gains High Pain Threshold, Injury Tolerance (Homogeneous), and Unkillable 1, but in exchange, goes uncontrollably Berserk and begins hearing Phantom Voices. Additionally, every day the armor is worn, the wearer must roll against Will, when the user has failed 20 times because of this daily Will roll, IQ is permanently lowered by 1. The armor weighs 48 lbs and costs $24,690.

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