Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Boardroom and Curia: Temple of Demeter

Public domain art!
Now that I got a template all written up for organizations, I'm gonna put it to use. Next, I'm going to stat up a monastery in a supernatural TL5+2 setting. The monastery will be called the Temple of Demeter until I either think of a more interesting name, or longer, because I intend to have the focus of the temple be the harvest. Let's see how that goes.


So, doing a tiny bit of research (asking random people) I found a typical monastery has some tens of members. I didn't want to stat out the cliched twist of a "church with a dark secret" so this is just a straight up helpful group of monks. I use kinda "skill categories" instead of skills for the contacts, so Farming for example, includes crops, distribution, knowledge skills, and some tangents like brewery and the like. Teaching type organizations are supposed to have teaching under contacts, but I consider that one of the liberal arts elements.

Temple of Demeter

Mission Statement: The purpose of the temple is to protect the needy, see to the health of crops, and to come to a deeper understanding of one's place in life.


TL: 5+2Members: 30
Wealth: Poor
Contacts: Emergency Preparedness-18[15], Farming-15[10], Liberal Arts-15[10], Religious Information-15[10]
Member Traits: Blessed[10], Claim to Hospitality (All fellow practitioners and "decent people")[10] Clerical Investment[5], Divine Favor 5[20], Hidebound[-5], Sense of Duty(Large Group, All locals and visitors that need help)[-10]
Notable Resources: The facility is made of hearty hewn stone, so while not breathtaking nor gorgeous like a cathedral, it is easily fortified in a pinch. Around the grounds can be found several fertile fields often with seasonal crops. The monastery also has a famous brewery.
Reaction Time Modifier:+2, the monks are hidebound, so things that are on the fence about lining up with the mission statement have an additional +2 to reaction. Due to the sense of duty, in crisis, they have a 0 reaction time modifier for helping those in need.

Costs and Values

Startup Cost: $138,600Resource Value: $762
Patron Value: 8Enemy Value: -20
Ally and Dependent Value: Allies and Dependants will range from 100 to 200 points, as the requirements for being a member of the monastery are pretty steep. It is difficult to acquire several as allies because they do have a duty to the locals, but acquiring dependants is possible if you would like to be a patron of the religion.

Social Attributes

Type: Religious, Teaching, Voluntary
CR: 3Loyalty: Very Good (17;+3)
Rank: Religious 0-3 [2/level]
Income Range:$220 (Poor) to $2,200 (Comfortable)
Reputation:+2 due to the many charitable acts in it's storied history.


Patron value is calculated via the 5 point version in Social Engineering with the Special Abilities enhancement.

Other Thoughts

Session 1 tonight, and I still don't have a good name for the campaign. Oh well. At least I have a church and a factory.

Image Credit

By Walter Crane - The story of Greece : told to boys and girls (191-?) by Macgregor, Mary, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32804547


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    1. Interesting question. The monastery itself might not be "TL 5 + 2" but in the setting as a whole, magical implements that emulate TL7 technology are readily available (charms to record and playback, fast vehicles, instantaneous long distance communication, etc.) while everything has a window dressing of the early industrial revolution.


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