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Ritual Path Magic: Necromancer Spells

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character or player, but oh well!
So I have a player that wants a Necromancer character. I already made a Sorcery spell for this character, but we are shifting gears to Ritual Path Magic. Let's look at a few conversions of some useful spells for Necromancy and for undertaking.


Well, I need to familiarize myself with the format of writing out an RPM spell entry, so let's see how this goes:

Cadaver Cosmetology

Spell Effects: Lesser Transform Matter
Inherent Modifiers: Altered Trait, Appearance
Greater Effects: 0 (1x)
The subject of this spell, most likely a body to be prepared for a showing at an open-casket funeral, will have his or her appearance adjusted two levels in the positive direction. A stronger version of this ritual may be required if more is required.
Typical Casting: Lesser Transform Matter (8) + Altered Trait, Appearance (12) + Subject Weight, 300 lbs. (3) + Duration, 1 Day (7). 30 energy (30x1).

Skeleton and Zombie Army

Spell Effects: Lesser Create Undead, Lesser Control Undead
Inherent Modifiers: Altered Trait, Ally Group
Greater Effects: 0 (1x)
Up to 20 cadavers in the 5 yard radius of the caster become servitor zombies or skeletons for the duration of an hour. These are based on 10% of the total points of the caster. A spontaneous creation from nothing would require a Greater Create Undead effect instead.
Typical Casting: Lesser Create Undead (6) + Lesser Control Undead (5) + Subject Weight, 300 lbs. (3) + Altered Trait, Ally Group (20 servitor skeleton or zombies, Built on 10%; 15 or less; Minion, +0%) (10) + Area of Effect, 5 yards (4) + Duration, 1 hour (3). 31 energy (31x1)

Sense Undead

Spell Effects: Lesser Sense Undead
Inherent Modifiers: None
Greater Effects: 0 (1x)
This ritual allows one to tell if any undead are nearby, and in which direction to find them.
Typical Casting: Lesser Sense Undead (2) + Range, 3 miles (3). 5 energy (5x1)

Determine Cause of Death

Spell Effects: Lesser Sense Matter
Inherent Modifiers: None
Greater Effects: 0 (1x)
This ritual allows one to touch a cadaver and determine the cause of death. The death must have occurred within the last month. This will give a simple answer, related only to what literally ended the body's life. For more detailed information a greater effect might be needed.
Typical Casting: Lesser Sense Matter (2) + Range, 30 Days (5) + Subject Weight, 300 lbs. (3). 10 energy (10x1)

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

There are tons of spells that could be made, and I could do this all day. For inspiration, one could look at Dungeon Fantasy 9: Summoners and the Necromancer template there, or the GURPS Magic book and the Necromancy college.

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