Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

Is it really?! Oh my GURPS, oh my GURPS, OH MY GURPS!

New This Week

The GM for the game I'm going to be joining has started a blog: Generic Universal Eggplant. Not much up yet, as he just literally got it going, but we already have incredibly detailed stats for a D&D monster conversion, and I look forward to seeing more!

The Rest of the Blogobling

There was a bit of zeitgeist about someone speaking to his role playing experiences in prison this week. Dungeon Fantastic  and Insidious GURPS Planning have a bit on that. Speaking of, Peter talks to an issue with FP that is somewhat familiar to me. Mailanka has an interesting thought on unique power sets, and a bit about my recent stretch of pokemon themed posts. Ravens N' Pennies is looking for people to help flesh out some background for Chris's big setting. Moe Lane has an interesting Wildcard skill. I kinda like Worlds Beyond Earth's cordoning of points for "flavor." And Finally, an interesting editorial on story in Gaming at The Gaming Musings of a Mad GM. Haven't looked at it yet, but I intend to do so after this post.

Self Reflection and Other Thoughts

Traffic has been steady but very good, maybe even increasing slightly. Maybe my more recent posts are striking a chord? At the top of the popularity chart for the week, a post where I attempt to quantify scrounging a bit. I think one complaint I got is that it makes wealth a very important element of scrounging as well as networks. In my (very) cursory research, "scrounging" isn't limited to the most poor. A lot of well to do people apparently dip into their networks to get a lot of small favors here and there that add up to something bigger, and I think using wealth and contacts emulates that pretty well. My only beef is that it is a little mathematically overwrought, and although the numbers are pretty on par with what I wanted them to be, in the end, I realized that I didn't want those numbers in the first place. A case of writing bad requirements but delivering on them well.
Next, the powers for the female nidoran and the post about building an unused character for a campaign. Interesting that the character post is so popular even though I only finished it yesterday. Speaking of which, still in the top 10 is my September 30 post on choosing new GURPS books to expand the scope of Dungeon Fantasy as one might see fit. It's funny that it has never been consistently a top post, but it is hanging on nonetheless.
In real life, nothing interesting to report. In Kickstarter news they asked for an email for everyone in the I want it all tier, so maybe I'll be getting some novel material to read soon and maybe review... I just realized, I own GURPS Horror, and it is a good book, surprisingly good because I am not a fan of the genre, but I never reviewed it yet. Maybe I'll post a Halloween themed post about that?

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