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Powers: (Inspired by) Nidoran♀

Spell my name, boy!
Wow, Nidoran girl symbol. This is a weird one again, so let's go all the way up to contemporary times.

Poison Point

This is a passive aura that can potentially poison someone that can attack you. If you touch an attacker's bare skin, they take 1 hp a turn for 10 turns.
Toxic Attack 1HP (Aura, +80%; Contact Agent, -30%; Cyclic, 10 cycles, 10 Seconds, +900%; Reach, C range, -30%)[11]


Literally deal more damage to pokemon of the same gender.
Striking ST +3 (Accessibility, only on feminine targets, -20%)[12]


This is basically a meta-trait. This reduces a bearer's accuracy, but increases their damage. Hustle includes the following two traits.
Noncombatant 2 [-30] and
Striking ST 6 [30]
Noncombatant is an anti-talent on p.21 of Power-Ups 3 - Talents.

Double Kick

This is simply a combination attack. Kick+Kick. You must specify the target locations of each attack when purchasing this ability. An example of the mundane option of both attacks working against the torso might be:
Combination (Brawling Kick/Torso + Brawling Kick/Torso) x + x[9]
This only costs 6 points if a character has trained by a master. Obviously consider buying the Kicking technique as well. More information on combinations can be found on p.80 of Martial Arts.

Helping Hand

Check out Sword's Dance from Sandshrew but give it the "Affects Others Only" limitation (-0%, so no change.)

Toxic Spikes

Toxic Spikes leaves poisonous caltrops on the ground.
This ability has a wide variety of power levels, so I like to think of it as leveled, but the scheme for leveling it would probably be difficult as there are two important dimensions: size of the area, and the amount of traps possible. I'll still call it leveled because it is meant to have varying degrees of efficacy, but it is a bit weird.

Toxic Spikes

Keywords: Leveled, Obvious

Full Cost: 19 points.
Casting Roll: None, roll innate attack to aim.
Range: Touch
Duration: Caltrops exist until triggered or disarmed, poison is for 10 seconds.
The "caster" lays several spikes around the target location. The spikes do 1d-3 impaling damage. If these do damage, they follow up with cyclic toxic damage for 1 hp a second for 10 seconds. This is always targeting the ground for +4 to skill, and +2 for 10 shots. Margin of success (up to 10) randomly populates MoS hexes in the area with poisoned caltrops.
Statistics: Impaling Attack 1d-2 (Area Effect, 4 yards, +100%; Delay, Trigger, Stepped on, can be swept away, +50%; Rapid Fire, 10, +100%; Sorcery, -15%) [8] and
Toxic Attack 1 HP (Cyclic, 10 cycles, 10 seconds, +900%; Follow-Up, Impaling attack, +100%; Mana Sensitive, -10%)[11]
Notes: This spell can be leveled, but there is no straightforward scheme for the cost of leveling it up. Adjust the first part of the attack if you want to increase the area of effect, and adjust both if you want to change the rapid fire rate.


This ability confuses an opponent, but makes their special moves stronger. The tricky part here is that this depends on a certain type of power talent. Assuming a homogeneous universe where the only talent is always 10 points a level, and confusion means hallucinations, this is what I have.


Keywords: Leveled

Full Cost: 18.5 points/level.
Casting Roll: None, roll innate attack to aim.
Range: Touch
Duration: 3 minutes
The "caster" Increases the opponent's power, but then they succumb to hallucinations. This raises some talent by 20 points (defined at the time of buying this spell) and inflicts hallucinations for the duration.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (Will; Advantage, Insert Talent here, +80%; based on Will, +20%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Sorcery, -15%) [19]
Notes: Insert talent here is 20 points worth of talent modified with -10% for mana sensitive and -50% with uncontrollable backlash of hallucinations. Even levels are more efficient.


Crunch, according to the flavor text, is a follow-up to a bite attack that negates special defense. This is mostly analogous to will in GURPS. This might be represented as:
Affliction 1 (Will; Attribute Penalty, Will -4, +10%; Based on Will, +20%; Cumulative, +400%; Follow up, teeth, +0%; Resistable, Will, -30%)[50]
Consider dropping cumulative for a much cheaper ability. I extrapolated the value of the penalty from the fact that Will is 1/4 the price of IQ.


This lowers the will of characters of the opposite gender. This is mostly overtaken by the Sex Appeal skill.

Poison Fang

This "badly poisons" an opponent, which is like poison, but much worse. We can stat this many ways, but I choose to make this an hourly cyclic poison attack that does 3d damage for 10 intervals.
Toxic Attack 3d (Cyclic, 1 hour, 10 cycles, +180%;Follow-up, teeth, +0%)[42]
If a bite attack does any damage, this will immediately do an extra 3d toxic damage. Every hour again another 3d damage is done. This takes 1d minutes to heal with Physician or Herbal Lore. Finding the raw cure can be done with Naturalist in any habitat that the attacker can be found, and this takes 1d*5 minutes. Preparing the medicine takes another 1d*5 minutes with a roll of Pharmacy.

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

Flatter comes across as unsatisfying. It is worse, in most cases than simply giving an opponent hallucinations, but it still costs more. Ah well. Toxic Spikes was pretty tricky, but also interesting I think.

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